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The ruins of Leyara's Sorrow.

Istaria's grave at the ruins' base.

Leyara's Sorrow

[8, 35]

are ruins found due west of the Grove of Aessina, tucked into the corner of The Inferno (or The Regrowth, depending on the phase). Leyara is the widow of Valstann Staghelm, the late son of Fandral Staghelm, and this is where she buried their daughter, Istaria.

During the Firelands Invasion, Leyara, loyal to Fandral and his Druids of the Flame, faces off against Hamuul Runetotem within these ruins. Her magic brings the Arch Druid to the brink of death. It is only later players are shown that this is the final resting place of her daughter and is also where Fandral Staghelm took advantage of her grief to bring her under his wing.

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