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Leza Dawnchaser is Dezco's wife and mother of their twin sons.


Leza was chosen to go with her husband and his tribe to Pandaria. Many taurens dreamed of a valley filled golden blossoms, and the hope of peace, but only Leza had strong visions to possibly guide them to the location. During Leza's pregnancy, Baine Bloodhoof sent an expedition, led by Dezco with Leza as the navigator to find the valley. With her direction, the expedition was able to break through the mists of Pandaria, landing on the southern shore of Krasarang Wilds.

At some point during the journey to the Vale, Leza fell ill and caught a terrible fever, exacerbated by the influence of the Sha of Despair. The sha's power also affected the other tauren, preventing Dezco from using the Light to heal her. Due to the Winds' Edge cliffs, the group was forced to make camp at Thunder Cleft. Here, despite being three weeks from her due date, Leza went into painful labor. Her condition worsened when her brother, Chezin, was killed by a group of Mogu. Dezco tasked Horde adventurers with finding herbs and magical water to heal Leza, but during childbirth she passed away. Her final moments were frantic and painful, with Dezco futilely using the Light to try and save her. She gave birth to twin sons, both of which survived. The expedition mourned her death, giving her a proper burial before continuing towards the valley.


Nala says: Alright, Leza, I need you to push. Are you ready?
Leza Dawnchaser nods.
Nala says: Push!
Leza Dawnchaser yells: AAAHHH! HNNNH!
Leza Dawnchaser yells: GAAAAAAHHH!
Nala says: Good, that was good. You can rest now. I will get you some more hot water.

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