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How Arthas's Hammer Was Turned Into Shadowmourne - Warcraft Lore

Light's Vengeance was the hammer used by Arthas Menethil during his life as a paladin.


Light's Vengeance on the ground in front of Frostmourne's altar

Light's Vengeance was an enormous, heavy-looking hammer, its silver head etched with runes and its sturdy haft wrapped in blue leather.[1] It was given to Arthas by Gavinrad the Dire when Arthas completed a ceremony held in the Cathedral of Light and joined the Knights of the Silver Hand.[2]

When he took up Frostmourne, Arthas discarded Light's Vengeance, leaving it in Frostmourne Cavern in the Dragonblight. Players can see a flashback of this scene in the quest A [71] Frostmourne Cavern.

The Sacred and the Corrupt

Darion Mograine wants adventurers to collect Light's Vengeance for the quest N [83] The Sacred and the Corrupt. He wishes to create an artifact to rival Frostmourne, and believes only the hammer of Arthas himself will provide a worthy model.[3]

When reforged with saronite, Light's Vengeance is transformed into Shadow's Edge, the unfinished form of Shadowmourne.


Light's Vengeance in Warcraft III

In World of Warcraft, Light's Vengeance shares its model with the [Grand Marshal's Battle Hammer].

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