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The Lightning's Blade clan was one of the many that inhabited Draenor, and was left behind by the Horde during its conquest of Azeroth. After the war, Ner'zhul attempted to reforge the Horde with a promise of new worlds, and managed to attain the partial loyalty of the Lightning's Blade.[1] It has strong ties to both the Blackrock and Thunderlord clans.[2] (W2Man 91)

In Warcraft Adventures

According to Zul'jin in Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans, the clan's initiation rituals were so harsh, few were able to pass them. Supposedly young warriors were to stand on the highest peak of the Blade's Edge Mountains and hold aloft their axes during a thunderstorm and only those struck by lightning at least three times could join the clan.[3]

In World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft.

There are two servers called Lightning's Blade:


The game manual for Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal refers to the Lightning's Blade clan as an ally of the Thunderlord clan. Nothing more was known about the clan besides this. Some fans believed that the clan's name was simply a mistake, and that the intended reference was to either the Twilight's Hammer clan or Burning Blade clan. However, one of the World of Warcraft realms is named Lightning's Blade, clearly implying that the clan does exist or existed at one time. In recent Warcraft novels such as Beyond the Dark Portal, however, the Lightning's Blade is confirmed to exist, and served Ner'zhul's Horde.