Lirastrasza is a red dragon and a guardian of the Vermillion Redoubt

[29.2, 26]

in the Twilight Highlands. Though distrusting of those outside of her own dragonflight, Calen allows heroes to aid the red dragonflight despite her opposing opinion. This eventually leads to her acceptance of the heroes. Lirastrasza serves as a quest giver within the Highland Forest

[59, 69.8]

as well as at the Vermillion Redoubt and the Circle of Life

[14.8, 16.3]



Highland Forest
Vermillion Redoubt
Circle of Life

Objective of


  • We've long held out hope of redeeming the Earthwarden and his children. At some point, we must have the wisdom to realize that no amount of redemption can atone for the destruction these dragons are unleashing upon the world. At some point, we are forced to intervene.


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Highland Forest Vermillion Redoubt Circle of Life
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