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Lok'rath in Nagrand, Draenor.

Lok-rath is a Warsong clan village in Nagrand of Draenor's alternate timeline. This village is located in the center of Nagrand, straddling a river directly South of the Ring of Blood, and just West of Yrel's Watch.

This village is commanded by Uruk Foecleaver, who tricks the Azeroth forces into thinking they have captured and subdued the Warsong forces in his town. However, during his interrogation, he escapes and rallies the Warsong forces within Lok-rath for an ambush, which ultimately fails.


1. B [100] Terms of Surrender
2. B [100] The Pride of Lok-rath

Follower Missions

  • [98] Mysteries of Lok-rath

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