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For the computer game that was canceled by Blizzard before release, see Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans.

This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

Lord of the Clans is a novel by Christie Golden telling the story of Warchief Thrall's rise to glory after the collapse of the Horde. It is an adaptation of the canceled Blizzard game Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans.

An audiobook version read by Dick Hill will be released in February 2009.[1]

Back-of-book description

Slave. Gladiator. Shaman. Warchief. The enigmatic orc known as Thrall has been all of these. Raised from infancy by cruel human masters who sought to mold him into their perfect pawn, Thrall was driven by both the savagery in his heart and the cunning of his upbringing to pursue a destiny he was only beginning to understand—to break his bondage and rediscover the ancient traditions of his people. Now the tumultuous tale of his life's journey—a saga of honor, hatred, and hope—can at last be told....


Main characters

Supporting characters

Minor characters

Note: These characters were only mentioned or had little to no role during the story.



  • An unofficial Warcraft 3 campaign has been made to cover the events of this book.[2]
  • Players take part in Thrall's escape from Durnholde Keep in a Caverns of Time instance in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. The events depicted in-game are very different than the events portrayed in the book.
  • Golden later wrote Rise of the Horde, a prequel to the book Lord of the Clans, which was partly narrated by Thrall. In it, it describes the early history of both the draenei and the orcish clans, the friendship of Durotan and Doomhammer, and the demonic corruption that led to the extermination of the draenei.
  • Members of the Shadow Council make an appearance in the novel's prologue.
  • The conversation between Thrall and Taretha bears a striking Resemblance to Mewtwo and Amber in Pokémon the First Movie, namely when they talk about tears.