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Lordamere Lake

Lordamere Lake (Lordaeron + Mere which means Lake of Lordaeron) is the second largest lake in the Eastern Kingdoms matched only by Darrowmere Lake to the east. Along with Darrowmere, Lordamere has been marked by many events that took place around it. Here, many Human Kingdoms, at the age of the Alliance of Lordaeron, that were prosperous, have been found around the lake's shores and nearby mountains, including Lordaeron, Dalaran and Alterac. Lordamere Lake was given its name from the nearby Capital City of the Kingdom of Lordaeron which was built on its northern shores. The lake, today, acts as a natural barrier between the Forsaken lands of Tirisfal Glades and Silverpine Forest and the contested lands of the Alterac Mountains. At its center is Fenris Isle, which has since been taken over by agents of the Scourge. This situation threatens the nearby Forsaken outposts in Silverpine Forest. East of Fenris Isle is a small group of islands called the Dawning Isles. It is reportedly the second largest lake in the known world — after Darrowmere Lake.

Ages ago, an ancient plague killed off all the aquatic life in Lordamere Lake.[1]

Although the lake was once a beautiful and safe place to swim, Vile Fin murlocs have now built encampments along the shores and among the islands of the lake, and on the Dawning Isles live monstrous creatures of animated flora.

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In earlier maps, Cross Island was the location of the Violet Citadel of Dalaran. However, it does not exist in World of Warcraft.

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