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Lunarfall is a plateau in northern Shadowmoon Valley, directly west of Gloomshade Grove. It is the site which eventually becomes an Alliance Alliance player's Garrison.

Initial arrival

This area begins as a simple grove of trees, a pond and an abandoned mine which overlook the Tanaan Channel to the north. After the Alliance expedition (consisting of the player, Khadgar, Thrall, Maraad, etc.) have finished the Assault on the Dark Portal scenario, their stolen Iron Horde ship is beached on the northern shores of Shadowmoon Valley. They are promptly met by Velen, who knows of their plight and gifts the plateau of Lunarfall to the player to use as a beachhead for their expedition.

Conversion into an Alliance Garrison

Khadgar creates a portal and Baros Alexston comes through with workers to start building the garrison. Once an Alliance player has completed the prerequisite quests, they establish a level 1 garrison on the plateau. This small town consists of some palisade walls and a few scattered huts and tents. From this point forward, when the player enters the plateau, they are greeted with text defining the area as "Lunarfall <Player>'s Outpost". When the garrison is upgraded to level 2, a Town Hall is built, the walls are extended outward and strengthened and more building plots are added. It becomes known as "Lunarfall <Player>'s Fort". When upgraded to level 3, the size of the town hall is increased, the outer walls are further fortified, and location is finally defined as "Lunarfall <Player>'s Garrison".

More in-depth information concerning the garrison can be found in the Garrison article.



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