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A Lurky pet

Lurky Dancing

The Lurky's Egg item summons and dismisses Lurky, a white baby murloc Companion. Due to Lurky's pale color he might be a baby Blindlight murloc similar to those in Blackfathom Depths or a relative of the Wailing Caverns boss Mutanus the Devourer.

Baby murloc companions

There are (currently) three limited availability baby murloc Companion, Murky (blue), Gurky (pink), and Lurky (white).

(There are also green, orange and purple skins for baby murlocs in the game files.)

As companions, they do not aid you in battle. They occasionally burst into dance, complete with top hat and cane, in an amusing tribute to the character Michigan J. Frog. To listen to the baby murloc singing download this MP3.

Both factions have a sample of the blue baby murloc small pet, Murky (labeled Murky), available. The Alliance sample is near the pond in The Forlorn Cavern section in Ironforge, and the Horde sample is on the dock in the fishing pond in the Valley of Honor section in Orgrimmar.


This item is available only to European players who bought the Collector's Edition of the Burning Crusade expansion pack, where they were given as compensation for a mistake with the Nether Whelp pets.

Unlike the pets from the Collector's Edition of World of Warcraft, the Lurky's Egg item is attached and sent to all your characters, present and future, in the mail as soon as upgrade your account. You must retrieve Lucky's Egg from the mail within 30 days of upgrading (for existing characters) or character creation (for new characters) for each character, or that character's Lurky's Egg is lost.

Blizzard has announced that once you upgrade your game, you cannot re-upgrade it with a Collector's Edition at a later time. This means that the characters associated with your regularly upgraded account can never obtain this item. Transferring a character to a Collector's Edition account will not allow that character to obtain this item. [1]

However due to numerous requests, Blizzard officially announced on January 22, 2007 that they are working on a solution to help customers re-upgrade their accounts. Those who fall in this category are asked to contact their Billing and Account Services department. Those who posted in the thread at the WoW forum have mentioned their having been able to get their accounts manually re-upgraded using this method. [2]


Official Lurky plush.

Lurky's Egg was included as an additional reward to European buyers of the Collector's Edition due to a production error which made them unable to obtain the exclusive Netherwhelp pet as advertised. To compensate for this, Blizzard implemented a new way to obtain the Netherwhelp and Lurky that involved:

  1. Finding a unique reference card found at the back of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game exclusive cards pack and the barcode on the back of the box,
  2. printing your account management page (or writing down your account name and e-mail address) and,
  3. sending these all in one package to Paris, Blizzard HQ.

Since Blizzard made no such mistake in North America, it is likely this pet will remain Europe-exclusive.

BtA issue

Unlike the Netherwhelp's Collar, which was made BtA in Patch 3.0.2, this pet did not get the same treatment until Patch 3.0.3.

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