MMO Champion is a World of Warcraft news website run by Boubouille (Fabien Bonte,[2] also known as Bibi) started in 2007.[citation needed] In mid-2010, Curse acquired MMO Champion.[3]

While Bibi himself lives in France, MMO Champion shares a server cluster in the United States. We don't know the exact site audience, but some numbers[4] that we do have allows us to guess that it has no less then 10 million visitors per month (probably more).

Official MMO Champion IRC channel: #mmo-champion at Quakenet.

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MMO champion aggregates "Blue notes" (Community Manager notes, i.e. official Blizzard representatives). While posts on the official WoW forums will "drop off" after a few months, it is presumed that posts on sites such as this will persist longer, making them more suitable for use as references.


The first World of Warcraft DB hosted by MMO-Champion was called, nicknamed "Sigrie", but was replaced by the WoWDB sometime after August 2013.[citation needed]


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