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This article or section contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Mage is a World of Warcraft manga written by Richard A. Knaak and illustrated by Ryo Kawakami.

Aodhan was a boy born into a family of warriors. However, his talents lay more with arcane magic. Forbidden to become a mage, he ran away to Dalaran, where he met his ostracized uncle Crevan, also a mage, who would mentor him.

He became involved in the Nexus War when the Blue Dragonflight attacked the city.


Aodan comes from a lineage that includes some of Azeroth’s most heroic paladins and warriors, but the whip-smart young man is not built for physical combat. He’s thin, bookish, and desperately wants to be a mage. After his controlling father forbids him to practice magic, Aodan flees to study the arcane arts in the city of Dalaran.

Aodhan’s dream of becoming a powerful spellcaster is violently interrupted when a host of blue dragons lays siege to Dalaran. Although far from home, the young mage finds help from a relative who has been close by all along - Crevan, his magic-wielding uncle. The cunning older mage, after escaping from Dalaran’s prison, takes the impressionable Aodhan under his wing, and together they work to prevent the city’s destruction. But there is a darker secret behind Dalaran’s dire situation, and Aodhan might be the only one who can end the schemes that threaten the city, becoming the hero his family never thought he could be.[1]




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