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Mages are adept at taking down multiple mobs at once, but require specific conditions to be ideally successful. Mobs should be aggressive (so the mage may pull them simply by running past), and preferably melee only (although mages that rely on Arcane Explosion have some leeway in choosing groups with small numbers of casters or ranged mobs). Below is list of potential mobs, arranged from the lowest mob level to the highest.

Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor

Levels Zone Area Mobs Range Caster A H Notes
14-15 Barrens SW of Sludge Fen Savannah Lions N N Y Y  
16-18 Barrens Boulderloade Mine Venture Co. N N Y Y  
16-22 Silverpine Forest Fenris Isle & Keep Rot Hide Gnolls N Some Y Y Watch out for the casters, kill them first.
16-18 The Barrens The Dry Hills Witchwings N N Y Y The Witchwing Windcallers cast an immobilizing whirlwind spell.
17-19 Loch Modan Ironband Excavation Site Stonesplinter Troggs ? ? Y Y  
21-24 Wetlands Near Loch Modan Mosshide Gnolls N N Y Y Respawns unbelievably fast. This is the best lowbie spot to aoe grind. A MUST VISIT. There are several camps right outside the tunnel from Loch Modan, 1 with only 1 caster. Take him down, then you're good to go.
19-21 Silverpine Forest Beren's Peril Ravenclaw Undead N N Y Y Ravenclaw Drudgers will occasionally become "Fatigued", causing a 2 second stun to the Drudger. This will break your packs.
19-29 Duskwood Raven Hill Cemetery Skeletal Undead N Some Y Y Watch out for the few casters and the 35 elite that wanders through the cemetery.
21-23 Barrens Bael'Dun Dig Site Bael'dun Dwarves N N Y Y Surveyors will throw a torch at you before closing to melee. Use fire ward to avoid most of the torch damage. [1]
21-25 Ashenvale South of Raynewood Foulweald Furbolgs Y N Y Y Healer appreciated
21-26 Redridge Mountains Various Shadowhide Gnolls N Some Y Y  
27-31 Duskwood Rotting Orchard Nightbane Dark Runners No Some Y Y There are the Nightbane Dark Runners on the farm (make sure you kill the Shadow Weavers first).
22-25 Hillsbrad Foothills Hillsbrad Fields Hillsbrad Farmers/Peasants N Some N Y Stick to the fields, the casters are in & around the buildings.
25-28 Wetlands Angerfang Encampment Dragonmaw Orcs N Some Y N Few casters, healer recommended
26-28 Duskwood Raven Hill Tomb Plague Spreaders N N Y Y  
26-28 Hillsbrad Foothills Azureloade Mine Hillsbrad Miners/Sentrys N N N Y Be aware of line of sight, the rough bumpy floor can cause a loss in LoS.
28-31 Thousand Needles Highperch Highperch Wyverns N N Y Y  
28-31 Duskwood Cave East of Rotting Orchard Vile Fangs, Tainted Ones N N Y Y Lots of vile fangs outside of cave with no ranged or casters. Excellent location for lvl 28 - 32. There is also camps over the hills to the left. 2 of these are full of dark runners and are very accessible.
31-34 Alterac Mountains Sofera's Naze (North of Tarren Mill) Syndicate Humans N Some Y Y Camp with tents on a ridge - watch out for patrolling cats and Mages
29-35 Thousand Needles Shimmering Flats Various Beasts N N Y Y Do not bother with the Silithid, stick to the Beasts.
30-32 Hillsbrad Foothills Darrow Hill Cave Yetis N N Y Y Not recommended for Frost AoE, as Yetis have very high Frost resist.
30-33 Alterac Mountains Various Mountain Yeti N N Y Y Not recommended for Frost AoE, as Yetis have very high Frost resist.
30-35 Arathi Highlands Dabyrie's Farmstead Dabyrie Farmhands N N N Y Pull the wandering patrols around the main field first. Watch the road, Lieutenant Valorcall patrols up the road to the farm. Also, kill named NPCs for To Steal From Thieves.
31-37 Stranglethorn Vale Nesingwary's Expedition Various Beasts N N Y Y Quest stacking from the camp allows for some very fast experience. Raptors are best as they travel in packs and are higher level. Watch out for the Raptor's stun
32-36 Arathi Highlands Witherbark Village Witherbark Trolls Y Y Y Y  
33-35 Arathi Highlands Go'Shek Farm Hammerfall Orcs N N Y N Pull the wandering patrols first.
33-36 Alterac Mountains North-West Crushridge Ogres N N Y Y Mobs are spread out, so pulls will need to be smaller.
33-38 Swamp of Sorrows Along the Northern road Lost One Muckdwellers Some Some Y Y Categorized spot into 5 pulls -- 2 up at the top camp and 3 down at the camp below. Lots of ranged mobs.
35-38 Alterac Mountains North of Zone Syndicate Humans Many 1 per camp Y Y Ranged mobs have been recently added, very bad place for Blizzard based Frost AoE.
35-39 Dustwallow Marsh North of Brackenwall Village Darkmist Spiders N N Y Y Spiders often "cast" poison. The Darkmist Recluses in the area, "cast" Deadly Poison. Try to pick them off first, then go AOE on spiders. Silkspinners cast web.
35-38 Dustwallow Marsh Dreadmurk Shore, Swamplight Manor, Witch Hill Murlocs N Some Y Y There are 2 and a half camps on the northern tip of the peninsula where there are no casters. Lots of mobs here and annoying patrols. Be careful.
36-39 Badlands NW Corner Lesser Rock Elementals N N Y Y Relatively few mobs, useful as a backup if other places are being farmed, but not as a primary spot.
36-40 Duskwallow Marsh NE of Brackenwall Village Bloodfen Raptors N N Y Y Mobs are spread out, so pulls of 4 or so are necessary.
37-39 Arathi Highlands Various Elementals (various types) N Y (water, air) Y Y Some elemental types are all casters. Frost mages should avoid Water elementals. Earth elementals have a knockback move. Air elementals cast. Frost AOE should grind fire elementals at the circle of west binding.
37-40 Badlands Agnar Fortress Shadowforge Dwarves N Some Y Y The caster placement makes this difficult
39-41 Badlands Apocryphan's Rest Giant Buzzards N N Y Y Around 10 buzzards grouped near a carcass (visible on the map) just South of Kargath, approx co-ords 18,60
39-44 Feralas Central Zone, various Woodpaw Gnolls Y N Y Y Ranged mob frequency can make this difficult. Really bad place for Blizzard based Frost AoE.
40-43 Feralas Grimtotem Compound Grimtotem Tauren Y Y Y Y Would not recommend this place at all. The "Raider" mobs spam nets and there are casters everywhere.
40-41 Feralas Sardor Isle Longtooth Runners N N Y Y Island off the West of Feralas.
40-45 Tanaris Waterspring Field Wastewander Pirates N Some Y Y Several camps of 4-8. Avoid the casters. Each kill is worth 5 rep with Gadgetzan, and there's a repeatable quest from the water they drop that gives extra rep and experience.
41-45 Swamp of Sorrows Misty Reed Shore Marsh Murlocs N N Y Y A good spot in my opinion. About 20 murlocs scattered in 3 spots really close to one another. Just be careful when using Frost Nova near one of the wandering crawlers, they tend to get on one's nerves. Allys also need to keep an eye out so they don't blink into the nearby Horde camp.
45-47 Hinterlands Central zone Green Sludges N N Y Y  
44-48 Searing Gorge Various Dark Iron Dwarves N N Y Y High Fire resists make this unsuitable for Fire AoE mages. Mobs will net you.
44-48 Tanaris Various Dunemaul Ogres N Some Y Y Ogres will knock you up and away.
43-51 Tanaris Lost Rigger Cove Southsea Pirates Some N Y Y 3 clusters of 10 mobs inside the walled compound. There's one cluster of swashbucklers on the dock. Another cluster of dock workers is on the unfinished boat. The largest is the cluster around Andre Firebeard; beware of a patrol which is sometimes ranged. Kill the Freebooters separately before any pull (they are ranged). Each Pirate is worth 5 rep with Gadgetzan.
42-43 Badlands Agmond's End Enraged Rock Elementals N N Y Y Cluster of around 10 elementals, just South of "Theldurin the Lost", approx co-ords 53,80. Can kill entire group in two pulls, ok spot to aoe but slow.
48-50 Tanaris Thistleshrub Valley Thistleshrub Elementals N N Y Y Mobs will root you and use earthgrab totems.
46-47 Feralas Rage Scar Vale Rage Scar Yetis N N Y Y Frost resists, like the Hillsbrad yetis. (Why include this? It isn't viable, you will die)
46-51 Blasted Lands Mine Nethergarde Humans Some N N Y No mounting inside the mine, and a few ranged mobs, can complicate this area.
47-50 Feralas   Northspring Harpies N Y Y Y Lots of casters mixed in
47-50 Un'goro Crater Various Ravasaur Raptors N N Y Y Keep an eye out for long-ranging pats.
48-54 Felwood Various Wolves, Bears N N Y Y Pockets of wolves and bears on the side of the road are fun to AOE. Space between mobs makes this a poor spot to AOE grind.
48-54 Azshara Northwest zone Timbermaws N N Y Y For non-enchanters since TBC this rep matters little, -25 per kill. High frost resist makes this difficult for blizzard aoe, but doable with a high mana pool. If you encounter shamans (casters) you're too far east.
49-54 Azshara Northern Peninsula Thunderhead Hippogryphs N Y Y Y Sometimes "cast" effects
50-52 Western Plaguelands Felstone Fields Skeletons N Y Y Y Casters must be pulled first, or carefully avoided.
50-53 Burning Steppes Various Flamekin Imps N N Y Y Not really a good AOE spot - packs of 5 imps die quick but are only equal to one regular mob.
50-54 Felwood Irontree Cavern and Woods Warpwood Elementals N N Y Y Can root you, but you'll either be far away or ready to blink out of it.
50-55 Un'Goro Crater Outskirts of Marshal's Refuge Venomhide Ravasaur, Un'Goro Gorilla, Fledgling Pterrordax N N Y Y The Venomhide Ravasaur will spit a poisen which casues unknown nature damage every 3 seconds, so mages without Ice Barrier will have some difficulty here. The Prerrordax can knock you down, so time your Blink. The Ravasaur can be found in groups up to 12 in very small areas. This location is southeast, close to the middle of the zone.
52-56 Western Plaguelands Sorrow Hill (SE of Andorhal) Undead N N Y Y These are average level 51 so don't expect too much experience when your level is 55+.
52-58 Winterspring Ice Thistle Hills Ice Thistle Yetis N N Y Y Due to high resists, these should be avoided by Frost mages.
53-54 Western Plaguelands Dalson's Tears Undead N N Y Y Skeletal Terrors will cast Fear if they are rooted (either with Frostbite or Frost Nova). Blink immediately and take an additional step to get out of range. Watch out for the wandering patrol of Scarlet mobs. You will often become infected with a disease that does damage per 15 secs and will cause spell casting delay when proccing while you channel Blizzard!
53-55 Felwood Felpaw Village Deadwood Furbolgs N Shaman Y Y Often farmed by those seeking Timbermaw rep, but still worth a try.
54-55 Silithus East of Cenarion Hold Spiders/Scorpids/Strikers N N Y Y The Strikers can charge but won't force dismount. Two types of poison, neither interrupts Blizzard. Mobs are spaced far apart.
55-58 Western Plaguelands Northridge Lumber Camp Scarlet Lumberjack N N Y Y Watch out for the non-Lumberjack Scarlet mobs. Not the most choice area for Aoe because of Scarlet Knights and a few 58-59 mobs.
55-58 Deadwind Pass The Vice Deadwind Ogres N Y Y Y Watch out for the casters
57-60 Silithus Northwest Corner Elementals (Earth and Air) N N Y Y Keep Dampen Magic up when fighting the air elementals. It won't take away all damage, even with the talent, but it makes a big difference. Extremely hard area to aoe grind without getting adds.
58-60 Western Plaguelands Hearthglen Scarlet Worker N N Y Y Blizzard technique works very well with these non-elites.
60 Dire Maul North Mastiffs and Guard Mol'dar can be solo'd N N Y Y  
60 Zul'Gurub   Crocolisks N N Y Y These require the Cone of Cold pulling technique.
60 Scholomance Entryway Undead N N Y Y The undead right inside the doors can be solo'd.
60 Stratholme Service Entrance Undead N N Y Y The undead inside the back door can be solo'd.


Levels Zone Area Mobs Range Caster A H Notes
58-61 Hellfire Peninsula SE of Honor Hold Bonestripper Buzzard N N Y Y Buzzards can smell dead bodies and will come to eat other corpses. Don't rest near your kills! Loot after you're sure adds aren't coming as well.
59-61 Hellfire Peninsula Razorthorn Trail Razorfang Hatchlings & Razorfang Ravagers N N Y Y The Razorfang Ravagers tend to roam, so watch out for Pats. This is an especially good grinding spot for skinners, as all these mobs are skinnable with skinning 305+. These mobs have a knockdown effect, so be careful when you're in close!
61-62 Zangarmarsh The Dead Mire Withered Bog Lords, Withered Giants & Parched Hydras N N Y Y All these mobs have a close-range AoE attack which causes them to stop every so often, separating them from the group. Excellent spot to grind Sporeggar Rep! Great Spot for Herbalists and Skinners. (Herbalist/Skinners can make out like bandits!)
61-65 Hellfire Peninsula North of Falcon Watch Bonestripper Vulture N N Y Y Same as Bonestripper Buzzards, except larger pulls are possible.
63-64 Zangarmarsh The Spawning Glen Starving Bog Lords & Starving Fungal Giants N N Y Y These guys will hit you with Choking Vines, so either IceBlock out of them, or bring a Priest or Paladin friend along with you. Good Sporeggar rep! Nice Herbalist skinning.
63-64 Zangarmarsh Quagg Ridge Bog Lords & Fungal Giants N N Y Y Occasionally tosses out mushrooms. They're usually next to the giants and will give a small amount of XP. Make sure they're not tossed next to you. Starving Bog Lords & Starving Fungal Giants will occasionally walk in on the western border, so watch out for them.
63-64 Terokkar Forest Along the banks of any River Dampscale Devourer N N Y Y Drops [Chunk o' Basilisk], usable to make [Blackened Basilisk], which will help with grinding. Skinnable!
64-65 Terokkar Forest South of Allerian Stronghold & SE of the Bone Wastes Dreadfang Widow N N Y Y They have a poison DoT, which you can get multiple times. It doesn't stack, but counts as several DoTs. Drops [Netherweb Spider Silk], which sells well & is used in high-end BC bags.
67-68 Netherstorm The Heap, south of area 52 Zaxxis Raiders/Stalkers (Ethereals) N One Y Y The one aoe guy is south of the bigger groups and doesn't range so much as cast an aoe attack in place. He can usually be safely pulled with an aoe mob. Some of the mobs can teleport behind you.[2]
67-68 Netherstorm Manaforge Coruu Sunfury Researcher N Y Y Y There are groups on the east and southeast side, there is 1 caster patrol per group, kill the patrol then aoe. Inside the Manaforge is a group with an elite who can be pulled too if done properly. Great for scryers rep!
68-69 Shadowmoon Valley Black Temple (outside) (69,52) Sunfury Eradicator & Demon Hunter Supplicant N N Y Y Supplicants sometimes require a direct attack to properly aggro or you might get unexpected adds. Careful not to aggro Netharel!! Eradicators can heal.
69-70 Shadowmoon Valley Ruins of Baa'ri (around 59,30) Ashtongue Workers N N Y Y Lots of patrols. The Shamans won't cast ranged spells.


Levels Zone Area Mobs Range Caster A H Notes
68-72 Borean Tundra In the Feilds Wooly Rhinos N N Y Y Great place to AoE Grind - They travel in packs, and are often accompanied by bull rhinos. Just stay away from D.E.H.T.A while you're doing this, k?
71-73 Dragonblight Onslaught Base Camp, Co-ords (80-40) Onslaught Infantry/Mason/Bloodhound N N Y Y Masons have a ranged debuff that seems to be bugged. Easily done as a level 70, great place to start in Northrend. Combine quests, The Path of Redemption, The Return of the Crusade and What Secret's Men Hide, for added bonus. Around 5 packs of around 8 to 12 in each pack, and respawn rate is good enough to continually do a rotation of all 5 packs.

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