Were you looking for World of Warcraft magic schools in World of Warcraft or Warcraft RPG - may not be canon magic schools in the Warcraft RPG?

This article is about lore behind magic schools, but trying not to include Warcraft RPG lore when possible, since its canon status is in doubt. It contains a list of all the schools of magic found in published sources and the lore behind them. The final section discusses how mechanics in the World of Warcraft do not necessarily fit with the published lore.


Branches mentioned in the lore.[1][2]

The World of Warcraft schools

World of Warcraft This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft.

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Questionmark-medium.png This section concerns content that is potentially inaccurate. Reason: Without refs, this is very close to speculation.

The World of Warcraft MMO has schools that are used for game mechanics and may not fit into the lore described in other sources. These are short summaries of how these schools are seen from mostly an Warcraft RPG - may not be canon RPG perspective, so the lore is suspect.

  • Arcane Arcane - Not considered a school, but instead it is a path of magic (fire and frost fall under this path for example).[citation needed]
  • Fire Fire - Not considered a school, but an elemental descriptor. Fire magic is a subcategory of the arcane magic.[3] (DF 166)[citation needed]
  • Frost Frost - Not considered a school, but an elemental descriptor.[citation needed]
  • Nature Nature - Not considered a school, but a branch of divine magic & sometimes arcane. In some cases it is considered its own branch (covering all spells that a druid would cast for example).[citation needed]
  • Holy Holy - Not a school, but instead is a branch within the divine path of magic.[citation needed]
  • Shadow Shadow - Not considered a school, but instead its a subschool.[citation needed]

Not technically magic:

  • Physical Physical - Not a school, but basically a category for non-magic effects.

Arcane disciplines

  • Abjuration[4] — Protective magic.
  • Conjuration[5] — Study of summoning both creatures and objects.
  • Disenchanting[6] — Disenchanting is the process of dispelling or removing magic.
  • Divination[7] — Information gathering magic.
  • Enchantment[6] — Process of imbuing an object or person with magical power.
  • Illusion[8] — Art of deceiving reality itself.
  • Necromancy[9] — Study of magic involving the dead. Not used by mages, but basics taught to understand their enemies.
  • Transmutation[10] — Manipulation time and space, including turning something or someone into something else and teleportation.


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