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Mana surge


Mana surges (also called mana elementals[1]) are a magic-based elementals, created by arcane and/or shadow magics.[2] Mana surges are approximately 1 foot in diameter and weigh almost nothing, although their relative size fluctuates depending on how much magic they have drained recently.[3] Most are found in Dire Maul.


They spawn in areas where magical energy combines with electrical storms. It is like a glowing blob of light that bobs up and down as it flits along. Tiny sparks dance around the creature as it moves. They consume magic and are drawn to sources of power, such as magic items or spellcasters. They move constantly but randomly, ever seeking new sources of energy on which to feed. Mana surges are aggressive, especially if they sense magic nearby. They distract foes with electrical charges while consuming whatever magic they can absorb. Once sated, they lose interest and fly away. A mana surge can be distracted by giving it a charged item, such as a wand or staff, to feed upon.

Although sometimes captured for use against spellcasters, they cannot be trained and make poor pets. Mana surges automatically sense the most powerful source of magic in the area and attack that opponent exclusively, ignoring all other threats. They drain magic until dated and then depart the area to digest. Mana surges have no sense of self-preservation and attack regardless of any danger to themselves.


At first it was speculation the name "mana elemental", with the closest thing referring to this term was that the Mana Fiend mobs from World of Warcraft were described as "burning elementals crafted of pure mana",[4] in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade it was confirmed that these creatures were also called "mana elementals".[1]


In World of Warcraft

Magic elementals commonly do arcane damage.