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Marauding Owlbeast is a 45-46 moonkin that can be found in The Hinterlands.


Battlemastergossipicon.pngItem Level Skill Slot Drop%
Giant Egg [Giant Egg] 45 333%
Vibrant Plume [Vibrant Plume]quest item 1 74%
Metallic Fragments [Metallic Fragments]quest item 1 52%
Cured Ham Steak [Cured Ham Steak] 45 41%
Wicked Claw [Wicked Claw] 45 38%
Resilient Sinew [Resilient Sinew]quest item 1 36%
Moonberry Juice [Moonberry Juice] 45 21%
Superior Healing Potion [Superior Healing Potion] 45 11%
Greater Mana Potion [Greater Mana Potion] 41 6%
Scroll of Stamina III [Scroll of Stamina III] 45 2%
Scroll of Agility III [Scroll of Agility III] 50 2%
Scroll of Strength III [Scroll of Strength III] 50 2%
Star Ruby [Star Ruby] 50 1%

quest item Quest items dropped by Marauding Owlbeast

Also 2 random Uncommon item drops

Also 1 random Common item drops

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