Margaret was a human who lived in Gilneas and was a good friend to Lorna Crowley and her family.


Born in the Kingdom of Gilneas, Margaret was married to an unnamed man and a number of unnamed children. She was also a good friend of Crowley family, including Lorna Crowley. Sometime before the Shattering was about to erupt when Deathwing was preparing his return, Margaret had recently visited her friend Lorna and gave important advice to board up her windows and replacing a reinforced door. Lorna agreed to her friend's idea and would do that when a curse emerged and nearly turned the entire Gilnean population into the feral Worgen that began to terrorize Gilneas. Thanks to Margaret's advice, Lorna gave her friend a Gilnean Mastiff as a gift to protect her children once they were trained. Once she finished writting the letter and sending it to her, Lorna gave Margaret some gun powder to protect herself as a thank you for helping her father Darius.


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