The Masters' Gate

The Masters' Gate

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is an area far to the southwest of the Temple of Earth, very near to the Twilight Terrace and the Quaking Fields. The Twilight's Hammer clan has unearthed a massive titan waygate they intend to use to march into Uldum. Deathwing intends to use the newly discovered titan artifact within that zone as a weapon, employing the aid of the Tol'vir to do so. Players must find a way to destroy the waygate before it is too late.

As if this isn't bad enough, the leader of the cult in this area, Haethen Kaul, is siphoning energy from the bound elementals. This grants him unimaginable power, making him "nigh invincible", according to both Alliance Prospector Brewer and Horde Reliquary Jes'ca Darksun.


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