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Tempest Keep
The Mechanar (5)

Gatewatcher Gyro-Kill
Gatewatcher Iron-Hand
Mechano-Lord Capacitus
Nethermancer Sepethrea
Pathaleon the Calculator

The Botanica (5)

Commander Sarannis
High Botanist Freywinn
Thorngrin the Tender
Warp Splinter

The Arcatraz (5)

Zereketh the Unbound
Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates
Dalliah the Doomsayer
Harbinger Skyriss

The Eye (25)

Void Reaver
High Astromancer Solarian
Kael'thas Sunstrider

Mechanar bosses

The Mechanar is the first wing of the Tempest Keep instance. It serves as a base for Pathaleon the Calculator and also generates manacells, which contain an incredible amount of power. It once belonged to the Naaru. The area is filled with Mo'args as well as Bloodwarder and Sunseeker blood elves.

This is the purple crystal building south of the main palace. At level 80, the instance is easily soloable on normal mode, while heroic mode is a challenge and requires high-level gear for most classes.

One full run with all mobs cleared yields about 1620 reputation with the Sha'tar.


Among the satellites of Tempest Keep, the Mechanar has been chosen by Kael'Thas to be a factory to create large amounts of power. Mechano-Lord Capacitus appears to be the one creating it using the naaru-technology found in Tempest Keep, and the power is stored in manacells which piles up into walls and heaps inside the satellite. There they are guarded and handled by blood elves directly under the authority of Pathaleon the Calculator, Kael'Thas' prime deviser. The elves are also aided by a large number of demons serving the Burning Legion, Kael'Thas' new ally. The large amount of manacells are smuggled by ethereals to the Sunwell where Kael'Thas plans to use them to power up the summoning of Kil'Jaeden. Some of the manacells are found at the ethereal-camp Bash'ir Landing in Blade's Edge Mountains and even more of them are seen in the Magisters' Terrace close to the sunwell. The Mechanar is the part of Tempest Keep most controlled by Kael'Thas and his blood elves (the Botanica and Arcatraz are suffering various problems), next after The Eye.


The Mechanar consists of two levels joined by an elevator. The first level has two named elites and one boss. Both named elites must be killed to open the elevator. You must also kill both Gatewatchers to open the Cache of the Legion. The first optional boss (Mechano-Lord Capacitus) has a decent loot table of his own.

On Heroic mode, these first three bosses (prior to Patch 2.3) are known as the Three Free Badges, as the Gatekeepers remain virtually unchanged from regular mode and Mechano-Lord Capacitus becomes a ridiculously easy fight with proper positioning. Moderately geared groups can fight their way through the first floor in less than an hour, even with a wipe or need to retreat. As of Patch 2.3 the Gatekeepers no longer drop a [Badge of Justice] each, instead one is found in the Cache of the Legion.

Both the second optional boss and the end boss of the instance are up the elevator.


Dungeon denizens


Mechano-Lord Capacitus
72 Elite
Nethermancer Sepethrea
72 Elite
Pathaleon the Calculator
72 Elite


Gatewatcher Gyro-Kill and Gatewatcher Iron-Hand are mini-bosses. Each drops a portion of a key which is used to open the Cache of the Legion just before the elevator.


Mob Special Note Heroic Mode
Tempest-Forge Patroller Calls for help. Charged Arcane Missile (causes a knockback on the target and any targets near it). Susceptible to bleed effects and Drain Life.
Tempest-Forge Destroyer Charged Fist - charges fists up and then slams the ground 3-5 times for 2k arcane damage a slam (Counterspell, Shield Bash, Kick can interrupt; Silencing Shot will not interrupt the spell). If a Warrior is tanking, they should reflect it using Spell Reflection.
  • Requires max rank healing and is very mana draining for healers. All melee other than tank should run away when Charged Fist is casting.
  • Try to counter it as in normal mode.
  • If counter failed, a good rogue can keep the Charged Fist from ever going off with Kidney Shot, Cheap Shot and Kick, making this mob much easier in heroics. Similarly, paladins' Hammer of Justice can stun the Destroyer long enough to minimize the damage.
  • Also, the Destroyers are kitable. Have someone keep it slowed all the time. (e.g. mages' frostbolt) If counter failed and stun is on cooldown, the tank can simply move backward for the whole duration of Charged Fist to avoid getting any damage from it.
  • Can be frozen with a Hunter's Freeze Trap on Heroic.
Sunseeker Netherbinder If not killed straight away, he summons two arcane elementals, low-HP adds that deal lot of arcane damage to your party. Can be Mind Controlled. Abilities:
  • Arcane Nova (AOE Arcane Spell)
  • Dispel Magic
  • Arcane Nova (AOE dmg to enemies and heals nearby friendly targets)
Can be Mind Controlled in Heroic
Bloodwarder Slayer Whirlwind and Mortal Strike. Immune to Mind Control
Bloodwarder Centurion Will (chase and) Shield Bash player spellcasters, especially healers. Immune to Mind Control.
Bloodwarder Physician Sleeps closest non tank enemy target, heals friends. Overall is a very annoying creature and should be killed first or crowd controlled where possible. Can be Mind Controlled. Abilities:
  • Anasthetic (6 second sleep, can be cast on other mobs in the pull. Will break on dmg taken)
  • Holy Shock (Offensive Spell)
  • Bandage (Channeled 1679/tick. Dmg to caster or target will break effect)
Can be Mind Controlled in Heroic.
Mechanar Driller Drill Armor, stacking debuff reduces armor by 20%. Also casts Crippling Poison. Pound(blinding disorient to target) Banishable, but NOT Enslavable on Heroic Difficulty.
Mechanar Wrecker Pound, blinding disorient (only on tank?) Banishable, but NOT Enslavable on Heroic Difficulty.
Mechanar Tinkerer Non elite, usually found in 3-5 packs. Spams Netherbomb, magic damage bomb. When the Tinkerer is low on health, charges his current target and casts Nether Explosion (deals heavy arcane damage and kills the caster). Recommendations: Banish, Enslave, pull and kite the pack away, while killing them one by one. Always move, for their Netherbombs to miss you Non elite demon, banishable, enslaveable
Mechanar Crusher Disarms.
Sunseeker Engineer Casts Super Shrink Ray (reduces attack power by 460), Death Ray (direct damage spell) and Growth Ray (increases attack power of nearby friendly targets by 460), otherwise pretty harmless. Can be Mind Controlled in Heroic Mode. Abilities:
  • Growth Ray (Increase the size and attack power of a friendly group by 460);
  • Super Shrink Ray (Decrease the size and reduces attack power of an enemy group by 460, has chance to backfire);
  • Death Ray (Direct dmg spell)
Sunseeker Astromage Have a Fire Shield buff that can be spellstolen by a mage, which makes dealing with these much easier (though it generates lot of threat with damage done). The aura deals ~500 fire damage per tick. Fire Shield is self cast on Astromage and cannot be used on your party via mind control. Fire shield is a magic buff and can be removed with shaman's Purge, priests Dispel Magic and Mass Dispel, and Felhunter's Devour Magic abilities. Can be Mind Controlled. Abilities:
  • Scorch (Short cast damage spell);
  • Solar Burn (50% reduced healing taken debuff with direct damage component)
  • Melt Armor (reduces armor by 250)
  • Fire Shield (Self-cast only)
Can be Mind Controlled in Heroic Mode.

Issues and bugs

The Mechanar

There are currently a number of issues in this instance. They are listed here along with workarounds. These are issues acknowledged in Blizzard posts that are planned to be resolved.

Elevator is not visible

Problem: This client-side issue causes some players to not be able to see the elevator. This occurs on a per-instance basis.

Workaround: If you encounter this problem, the only ways around it are to:

  • Use a Warlock's Ritual of Summoning to go around the elevator.
  • Log into another computer long enough to move your character up the elevator.
  • Full reboot of player's computer (worked at least once)

The upper floor is locked

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Patch 2.0.12 (2007-04-03): The gate at the top of the elevator in The Mechanar will now remain open while attempting the gauntlet and after Pathaleon the Calculator is killed

Problem: Under certain circumstances, the elevator gateway remains closed after the group wipes. This issue is still not fixed as of 7 March, 2007 in patch 2.0.10.

Workaround: The best ways to deal with this are:

  • Making sure the group has a wipe bailout in place, such as a soulstone, ankh, Divine Intervention, and so on.
  • Zoning everybody out and back in again.
  • Filing an in-game ticket reporting an environmental issue and putting "Mechanar" as first word in the issue.
  • Similar to zoning everyone out, dying apparently can solve the issue.
  • A "soft reset", which was described by a GM as leaving the instance for 30 minutes.

Note: GM stated that devs have asked that players not be ported to the other side of the gate after this occurs, as this may cause other problems.

Resetting Pathaleon Breaks the Instance

Problem: If attempting to reset the final boss by running towards the elevator, sometimes he may bug, keeping the remainder of the instance inaccessible. When Pathaleon mind-controls the players, they will release and fall under the map. When this happens, the client may be disconnected and will have difficulty getting back on. After this, Pathaleon and his adds will be scattered between several rooms in the back half of the instance, rendering the instance unplayable.

Currently (Patch 2.3.3) there is no known workaround, a GM must be paged to reset the mobs and, occasionally, the players as well.

Free chest-runs for Rogues and Druids

The Mechanar, among other instances, was once famous for allowing Rogues (and some druids) the opportunity to solo their way to several chests inside the instance, boosting the clever Rogues' economy quite a bit as they didn't need to share the chests with anyone. As a result, chests within instances were removed in patch 2.2.0.


See Mechanar loot.


The Mechanar Heroic - All Bosses by Peachs the Druid

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