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A mechanical is a type of construct that is at least partially technological. These constructs are also known as "robots", though, the term also applies to characters piloting suits of steam armor.[1] (MG 192)

Most Mechanicals are found in Gnomeregan, and most can be controlled using the Gnomish Universal Remote. Mechanical constructs may be modified and affected like any other technological device.[1] (MG 192)

In World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, mechanicals are type of creature or mob in the game that is distinguished from the fleshy type.This includes most constructed creatures, except some elementals (like golems) and undead; like flesh golems).

Not having blood as such, most mechanicals are immune to bleed type melee attacks: Rend, Garrote, etc. They are also immune to draining abilities, such as a warlock's Drain Life spell. They are also immune to the fear spell. Not counting un-categorized mobs, they are the only monster "family" that cannot be tracked by a hunter.

Some mechanicals can be salvaged (a mechanism similar to Skinning [Skinning]) by engineers (mob engineering), such as the Combat Harvest Golem and various Northrend mechs.

Examples of mechanicals

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