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In order to mine ore, a character must have an item that counts as a mining pick in inventory.

The Mining Pick item is the definitive and original mining pick. Patch 2.0 flagged a number of weapons to also qualify as mining picks, and several other items since them have been added that similarly qualify as mining picks.


This item can be bought off of most Trade Goods vendors or Mining Suppliers.


  • It does not require a weapon proficiency to use as a weapon and does not count as a melee weapon for the purposes of skills that require one — such as Sinister Strike or Heroic Strike.
  • However, a few weapons in the game can also serve as a mining pick: [Brann's Trusty Pick], [Cold Iron Pick], [Digmaster 5000], [Gouging Pick], [Kobold Excavation Pick], [Miner's Revenge], and [Tunnel Pick]. By occupying your weapon slot, these can save you a slot in your bag(s) since they are both a weapon and a tool for mining.
  • A Gnomish Army Knife functions as a mining pick (as well as several other tools) but cannot be used as a weapon.
  • The quest reward [Shatterstone Pick] is purely a weapon, but can be used as a mining pick. As it was never actually classified in-game as mining equipment, it will not go into mining bags.
  • When you dont want to kill a specific mob (Such as Ravasaurs in the quest Toxic_Tolerance, you can use mining pic. As it deals very little damage, you usually don't have to fear killing the mob.

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