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  • Minor Recombobulator
  • Item Level 28
    Disenchants into:
    [Soul Dust]: 1-2 (20%)
    [Greater Astral Essence]: 1-2 (75%)
    [Large Glimmering Shard]: 1 (5%)
  • Trinket
  • Requires Engineering (140)
  • Use: Restores 150 to 250 health and mana to a friendly target and attempts to dispel any polymorph effects from them. Reduced effectiveness against polymorph effects from casters of level 31 and higher. (5 Minute Cooldown)
  • 10 Charges
  • Sell Price: 6s

The Minor Recombobulator is a trinket that dispels polymorph off a friendly target and restores 150 to 250 health and mana to you, or a friendly target. You cannot use this trinket on yourself while you are afflicted by an incapacitating polymorph (like from a Mage or some mob polymorph spells), but you can use it to remove certain non-incapacitating polymorph effects from yourself, such as from Discombobulator Ray. This trinket is useful in PvP, or instances like Zul'Farrak where a party member might be polymorphed.


Minor Recombobulator is made by engineers with a skill of 140.

Materials Required
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1x [Bronze Tube]
Inv gizmo 02.png
2x [Whirring Bronze Gizmo]
Inv misc leatherscrap 05.png
2x [Medium Leather]
Inv misc gem emerald 02.png
1x [Moss Agate]

This is learned from [Schematic: Minor Recombobulator], a Limited sale recipe available for 15s from:

It can also be learned by both factions from the Matrix Punchograph 3005-B in Gnomeregan (see the walkthrough, below). You may want to combine this with the walkthrough to get the Discombobulator Ray, also found in Gnomeregan.

Gnomeregan Walkthrough

Farm the White Punch Card
Outside the instance, start killing mobs (you must travel to Gnomer yourself - you cannot use Dungeon Finder to get there). [White Punch Card] is a random drop from these mobs. Each engineer who wants the Recombobulator schematic needs his own.
Upgrade to Yellow Punch Card
Still outside the instance, find the Matrix Punchograph 3005-A. There are four in the Train Depot (north of the Horde teleporter): two on a platform suspended over the main room, two on the north wall of the same room. Select the option to upgrade your card and your white card will be replaced with a [Yellow Punch Card], which is what you'll need for the Recombobulator. Now head in to the instance (back to the teleporter, then west).
Find the Matrix Punchograph 3005-B
The first round room is the Hall of Gears. Go clockwise to the 2nd hallway (on the southwest side, 180° from where you entered). Turn left into the hall:
  • Horde: Turn left and follow the path around and then down. You'll emerge in the Dormitory, on a slope above a room full of Troggs. If you're fighting Gnomes, you turned right instead of left, and are in the Clean Zone. Go back the other way. Scattered around the Trogg room are the Punchograph-Bs.
  • Alliance: Take an immediate right down the stairs into the Clean Zone. The Punchograph-B's are directly ahead of you in the Dormitory.
Learn the Schematic
Use the Matrix Punchograph 3005-B to access secret engineering schematics if your engineering skill is 140 or above! For Horde, there's no need to further upgrade your card; the Discombobulator Ray uses the entirely separate [Security DELTA Data Access Card].

Patch changes

  • World of Warcraft Patch 1.4.0 (2005-05-05): Minor Recombobulator now restores health and mana as well as removing polymorph effects.

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