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A Mission is like a quest, but for a Icon Warlords 42x18.png Garrison follower, Icon Legion 18x18.png Order Hall champions, or Battle-B-logo.png War Campaign champions. Order Hall or War Campaign missions can also use the aid of troops. The follower gains experience from completing a mission, but the player could also get a reward, depending on the mission.

The length of mission depends on the type of mission chosen, ranging from less than an hour to a week, but most are less than 12 hours. Missions can also be run while the player is offline.

Each follower, depending on race, class and spec, has different abilities and scenarios that are best suited for them, such as a character who can taunt or a character who works better in a group.

Starting a mission

Missions always cost Icon Warlords 42x18.png Inv garrison resource.png  [Garrison Resources], Icon Legion 18x18.png Inv orderhall orderresources.png  [Order Resources], or Battle-B-logo.png Alliance 15.png Inv faction warresources.png  [War Resources]/ Horde 15.png Pvpcurrency-conquest-horde.png  [War Supplies] to start. Garrison missions cost 10 or more Inv garrison resource.png Garrison Resources, Order Hall missions cost 100 or more Inv orderhall orderresources.png Order Resources (sometimes up to 1000!), and War Campaign missions cost #? Resources/Supplies. Icon Warlords 42x18.png Naval missions cost 20 or more Garrison oil.png [Oil] (although training naval missions may not cost anything to start).

Garrison types

Any of these types can come as a Rare!.png mission.

  • Mission-combat-64x64.png Combat mission
  • Mission-exploration-64x64.png Exploration mission
  • Mission-logistics-64x64.png Logistics mission
  • Ship-bonus-64x64.png Naval mission
    • Ship-bonus-64x64.png Ship-bonus mission
    • Ship-combat-64x64.png Ship-combat mission
    • Ship-legendary-64x64.png Ship-legendary mission
    • Ship-oil-64x64.png Ship-oil mission
    • Ship-blockade-alliance-64x64.png Ship-siege mission - Alliance
    • Ship-blockade-horde-64x64.png Ship-siege mission - Horde
    • Ship-blockade-ironhorde-64x64.png Ship-siege mission - Iron Horde
    • Ship-training-64x64.png Ship-training mission
    • Ship-treasure-64x64.png Ship-treasure mission
  • Mission-patrol-64x64.png Patrol mission
  • Mission-blacksmithing-64x64.png Profession mission
    • Mission-alchemy-64x64.png Alchemy mission
    • Mission-blacksmithing-64x64.png Blacksmithing mission
    • Mission-enchanting-64x64.png Enchanting mission
    • Mission-engineering-64x64.png Engineering mission
    • Mission-inscription-64x64.png Inscription mission
    • Mission-jewelcrafting-64x64.png Jewelcrafting mission
  • Mission-training-64x64.png Training mission
  • Mission-treasure-64x64.png Treasure mission

Order Hall types

Unlike Garrison missions, Order Hall missions vary by class. So, depending on the class of the Order Hall, the requirements, tasks, and rewards will vary. Also, these missions can be completed by a combination of Order Hall champions or troops.

The chance to complete an Order Hall mission depends on champion level, champion traits, champion equipment bonuses, and troop bonuses.

War Campaign types


Characteristics of missions, also known as mission threats.


Mission counters are follower attributes that can counter mission threats based on type. [edit this group]


Mission environments represent specific environments where the mission occurs.

  • Desert
  • Forest
  • Jungle
  • Mountains
  • Plains
  • Snow
  • Swamp
  • Town
  • Underground

Mob threats

Mission mob threats represent specific mob encounter types that appear on a mission.

  • Aberration (Void creature)
  • Arakkoa
  • Beast
  • Breaker (Draenor giant)
  • Demon
  • Fury (elemental)
  • Ogre
  • Primal (nature)
  • Undead


Players send their Icon Warlords 42x18.png followers, Icon Legion 18x18.png  Champions, or Battle-B-logo.png  Champions on missions for varied purposes. Successful missions will give you the resources you need to keep developing your Icon Warlords 42x18.png Garrison, Icon Legion 18x18.png Order Hall, or Battle-B-logo.png War Campaign, but you'll also have the chance to acquire powerful loot or resources for your character, and your followers or champions can gain bonus experience for certain missions they run.

The resources you acquire during missions include both existing crafting reagents and Garrison-specific materials (no specific materials for Order Halls or War Campaigns?). For example, if you assign a follower to a mining mission, you could receive ore, but you might also unearth Icon Warlords 42x18.png Inv garrison resource.png  [Garrison Resources] or Icon Legion 18x18.png Inv misc summonable boss token.png  [Legionfall War Supplies]. For some reason, Order Hall missions never reward Icon Legion 18x18.png Inv orderhall orderresources.png  [Order Resources] and probably neither do Battle-B-logo.png War Campaign missions.

Garrison reward types

Reward items

A Cinder Pup is a Beast battle pet, which can be obtained through the completion of the rare Garrison mission, Fiery Friends. This mission requires 3 level 100 followers with item levels of at least 675.


Name Level Damage Healing Duration Cooldown Accuracy Type
[Bark] 1 15 1 turn 100% Pet type beast.png
[Immolation] 2 9 turns 100% Pet type elemental.png
[Volcano] 4 4 turns 5 turns 100% Pet type elemental.png
[Flame Breath] 10 16 4 turns 100% Pet type dragonkin.png
[Crouch] 15 3 turns 4 turns 100% Pet type critter.png
[Howl] 20 2 turns 3 turns 100% Pet type beast.png

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Order Hall reward types

War Campaign reward types


  • Missions with an Xp icon.png XP icon will award bonus follower XP, if the the follower is level appropriate.
  • Followers below required mission level or item level will display a warning icon that they will get less follower XP from the mission.

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