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The Mogu Empire was an oppressive regime controlled by the Mogu on Pandaria that predates the Great Sundering was overthrown by the pandaren. The Mogu were allied with the Zandalari trolls[1] who mostly fled Pandaria when the empire fell. The empire had at least three dynasties[2] during the Mogu reign: the Shen dynasty, the Wai dynasty, and the Qiang dynasty. There may have been a fourth, Meng dynasty,[3] but it is not clear. The order of the dynasties is also unclear.

The Mogu were known as flesh shapers and several races were created during their reign to serve them including the Grummle and the Saurok. At the height of the mogu empire, they also formed a sect of mogu assassin-priests called Spiritclaws who could trap the spirits of enemies they killed.[4] The Spiritclaws helped maintain the terror by which the Mogu maintained their empire.


The only emperors known, so far:


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