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Mogul Razdunk is the founder and ruler of the Venture Trading Company.[1]

A large suit of steam armor looms threateningly, its mithril construction speaking of sharpness and speed rather than elegance. A long, mithril-and-wood rifle, its barrel the size of a human head, replaces its left arm. Its right hand is a huge, distorted claw-fist, and above it on the arm sits a perforated iron nozzle projecting from a dragon’s mouth. Arcing over the contraption’s back, like spider legs, are two spindly arms. One ends in a pair of scissor-like blades, while the other ends in a circular saw that whines as it spins. The pilot, a goblin with a mad grin, is visible through a rectangular window in the thing’s front. The goblin’s hands dart among a bewildering array of levers, buttons and hanging chains.

Razdunk’s steam armor is legendary on Kezan, and he prefers to intimidate and threaten his opponents into submission rather than actually attack them. When forced into combat, Razdunk begins by using his arcitech connection ability to imbue frost nova into his long rifle (opening a small hatch in the armor’s side to touch the weapon), then blasts away with it. After this tactic, he takes great joy in all of his armor’s weapons, flailing away with rifle, dragon mouth, steam fist and slicers. If Razdunk is having problems hitting his opponents, he calms down enough to make single attacks with his steam fist. If the battle looks grim, he attempts to escape with the help of invisibility.

Razdunk’s familiar is a toad named Bernard.[2]

In World of Warcraft


  • To date, Razdunk has not yet appeared in any Warcraft games. However, he is mentioned in a few quests.