Mok'Nathal Village within the Blade's Edge Mountains.

Mok'Nathal Village is a settlement situated in the eastern Blade's Edge Mountains

[76, 60]

(just north of Vekhaar Stand) and inhabited by the Mok'Nathal Clan — a clan of ogres, orcs,[1] (CoH 97) and half-ogres of brownish hue wearing distinctive shoulder armor. The village is guarded by Mok'Nathal Hunters and has several notable characters — along them Leoroxx, father of the Champion of the Horde named Rexxar. A couple of Tame Clefthoofs can be seen around. There is an innkeeper, a leatherworking supplies merchant, some other vendors, and a Grand Master Leatherworker named Grikka. The village hosts a couple of buildings and a watch tower, and its inhabitants are friendly to Horde members. A flight path can be found here as well.


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Horde Thunderlord Stronghold
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