Mordresh Fire Eye is a level 37 elite skeleton mini-boss found in Razorfen Downs. He is a member of the Scourge, though it is not know what rank, if any, he holds in the organization. Similarly, nothing is known of his history, though his current ambitions have found some success, as he has amassed a number of skeletal remains to serve as his soldiers, with the eventual endgame of domination over the local quillboar. Should he succeed, he would be a significant threat not only to the local settlers and troops of the Horde, but perhaps to the continent of Kalimdor as a whole. His aspirations must be stopped!


Mordresh is one of the most entertaining fights players will encounter until 60. He stands on a pile of skulls and bones, dancing, with a load of non-elite mobs below him. The strategy is simple: AoE like crazy. It is possible to pull some of the skeletons away before engaging the boss.



Idle, to other skeletons
  • We will spread across this barren land!
  • We will enslave the quilboar!
  • Soon, the Scourge will rule the world!
  • Slay them, my brethren! For the Scourge!


Notable Loot
Inv belt 24.png
Inv misc orb 03.png
Inv misc bone elfskull 01.png

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