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Morganth is a level 26 human warlock found in the Tower of Ilgalar, Redridge Mountains.


Long ago, three mages studied in the mage tower of Stormwind until one of them, Morganth, fell to the dark arts. He was urged to turn away from that evil magic, but he could not resist, and was banished. Morganth took with him a powerful book – Ur's Treatise on Shadow Magic, though he failed to break the seals placed on it by the mages of Stormwind.

Morganth made an alliance with the Blackrock Clan of orcs led by Gath'Ilzogg, the Blackrock Warlord. Fueled by the evil magic of Morganth, the Blackrock orcs attacked Stonewatch Keep in Redridge. They fought with horrific savagery and captured the Keep. Shortly after their victory, Morganth turned on his orcish cohorts. He constructed an arcane tower, the Tower of Ilgalar, and used his powers to build a small army of Shadowhide gnolls led by Lieutenant Fangore, to serve his malicious biddings. Both orc and man have fallen victim to the brutes that serve Morganth.

Morganth communicates with the Shadowhide gnolls through the magical pendants. Theocritus, High Mage of Tower of Azora in Elwynn Forest, spent months of research to find a way to communicate with the gnolls through these pendants. He wants to learn how to send an attack through the pendants, to immobilize any Shadowhide gnolls who wear them. Theocritus has also developed a means of spying on his rival, the Eye of Azora, and can now view him from afar, though his final purpose is to study Morganth’s thoughts.

It’s known that Morganth is searching for the Scythe of Elune, but it seems that he has no success in his search. Judging by artifacts found in Tower of Ilgalar, Morganth is interested in researching the dragons.

Also, the mages of Stormwind want to have Ur's Treatise on Shadow Magic returned because they fear that Morganth may find a way to open it and read its contents.


  • Demon Armor (Protects the caster, increasing armor, Shadow resistance and health regeneration for 30 min.)
  • Fireball (Inflicts Fire damage to an enemy.)
  • Minion of Morganth (Summons 1 Minion of Morganth to aid the caster in battle for 5 min.)
  • Summon Succubus (Summons 1 Succubus to accompany the caster until dismissed.)


In combat, he is able to summon a succubus and a huge abomination to fight on his side. He is also protected by 2 Shadowhide Darkweavers. He also uses Fireball and Demon Armor.

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