Morridune can be found in Blackfathom Deeps. He is a former member of the Twilight's Hammer Cult and was locked away with Aku'mai for treason. After Aku'mai has been defeated by players, he comes out and creates a portal to Darnassus for members of the Alliance.


Morridune yells: Aku'mai is dead! At last, I can leave this wretched place.
Morridune says: Speak with me to hear my tale.

I once followed the ways of the Twilight's Hammer. Obsessed with reviving the Old Gods, I journeyed deep into this lair to try to draw power from the cursed beast, Aku'mai!

After witnessing the sacrifice of countless innocents, I came to my senses.

I was trapped but now I am free! But so far from my homeland of Khaz Modan!

Brave adventurer, I offer you passage to a very special land in return for slaying Aku'mai. If you wish, I can port you to the city of Darnassus.

Gossipgossipicon.png Please port me to Darnassus.

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