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MVP avatar changeover

A Most Valuable Poster (or "Most Valued Forum Poster";[1] aka MVP) is a player who has answered players' questions consistently and accurately in the past that Blizzard gives a note of credibility to what they post. They continue to promote constructive posting wherever they can. They contribute to the community and encourage polite discussion throughout the forums. When you see an MVP post, listen to what they have to say — they were chosen for their knowledge of the game, also.

The MVP program is not to say that no one else is helpful, nor that MVPs are 100% helpful. But for the sake of the new player, asking a question, the MVP post means "This poster is likely telling you the truth with the intent of helping you." MVPs have no special knowledge, nor moderation powers. They quite simply just remember things said previously, or know where to look up answers, and are willing and able to do so.


The MVP (Most Valuable Poster) program for the World of Warcraft forums started on 11-Nov-2005 for the English US forums, 30-Oct-2006 for the English, German, and French EU forums, 30-Jan-2007 for the Spanish EU forums, 13-Mar-2009 for the Latin US Forums, and 2-Dec-2010 for the Russian EU Forums. No current Program exists for the Oceanic US Forums, but there may be plans to implement programs in the near future.{[fact}}

The first four posters ever involved with the WoW portion of the program were Faizaniel, Hyacinth, Trepas, and Palehoof. Of the four, only Faizaniel remains as an MVP. In the initial phase, using the original forum architecture, MVP posters posted in light blue font. Later in the program they also received an animated forum avatar: an Ironhide Devilsaur from Un'goro Crater. The font was, conceptually, between grey and blue. Not quite a staff poster, but not just another player either. The light, or as some say, /"Pale" blue font, indicated that Blizzard notes that poster is reliably accurate and honest in their posting, and has a history of being helpful to other posters.

In the forum architecture implemented by Blizzard, MVP posters post in a bright green font. Many concerns were brought up saying that the light blue font was, alternately, too much or not enough. Some posters complained that the light blue was too close to grey and they could not tell the difference. Some others complained that the light blue was still "blue" and afforded undue recognition. Still others simply mistook MVP posters for staff members and treated them accordingly. However, the new forum structure makes it quite clear. MVPs are also asked to include MVP in their signature, to make it clear where their talents lie: UI, Customer Service, Community, and so forth. MVPs are flagged by account, rather than by character. Any alternate character on an MVP's account will also post with the same green font and Devilsaur avatar.

On 30-Nov-2009, Blizzard poster Zarhym announced a new avatar for the MVPs: an Ironbound Proto-Drake. This was stated as being part of the five year anniversary of World of Warcraft, which was also the four year anniversary of the MVP program. The green font remains, but the cheerfully bobbing head of "Dino Bob the Avasaur" as he was sometimes called has been retired.[2] Since the official site changed over with the advent of Cataclysm, however, the proto-drake avatar has been missing.

At the end of 2009, MVPs no longer had a unique shared avatar and just used the avatars for the characters they posted on. The distinctive green text remained and before their level/race/class an "MVP" label appeared.

MVP powers

MVPs have no special powers in the forums.[3] They do have the ability to communicate directly with Blizzard Community Managers and other MVPs.[3] They get some perks which range from holiday cards by Sam Didier to beta keys to licensed products.[3]

Identifying MVP posts

Like official Blizzard forum posters, MVP's have their own text color to identify them. MVP's get a green text in their posts for easy identification.

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Feedback about MVPs

Send e-mail to:

Nominating MVPs

Send e-mail to:

Regional MVPs

US English MVPs

UI & Macros Forum:
Iriel, Alestane, Lopeppeppy
Customer Service Forum:
Tandaa, Eilethalua, Shandiee, Pahanda, Kalico
Mac Technical Support Forum:
Piril, Omegal
Technical Support Forum:
Bluspacecow, Kodiack, Ressie
Community Forums:
Faizaniel, Frejya, Kozzae, Crepe, Snowfox, Alona, Huggywuuggles, Lull
Other Forums:
Cyaga (Web)
Cerylia (New Player Help)
Eldacar (PvP)
Lissanna (Healing/Druid)
Practical (Healing/Paladin)
Trepas (Community) [Resigned Spring 2006]
Deadlykris (Customer Service Forum) (see forum post) [Resigned Wednesday, January 31, 2007]
Thunderwulf (Technical Support Forum) (see forum post) [Resigned Thursday, February 22, 2007]
Hyacinth (Community) [Resigned sometime after 1/4/2007]
Cogwheel (UI & Macros Forum) [Resigned late December, 2008]
Palehoof quit on 2/20/2011 (see Thread: Palehoof's quit post on WoW General Forum; post on official forums deleted)
April Fools 2010
Đeathwing (Black Dragonflight MVP) (see last post) [Unknown MVP posing as Deathwing for five hours on the forums]

US Latin MVPs

Tenecto (Community)
Morthrandor (Technical Support)
Triomides (Community)
Julipo (Technical Support)
Lunatar (Community) 

US Oceanic MVPs


EU English MVPs

Adnaw (Community)
Celiby (Community)
Shammoz (Community)
Lobotomy (Community)
Anvilbeard (Community) (see forum post) [Resigned Monday, February 12, 2007]
Schwick (Community)
Highlander (Community)
Xenodia (Interface)

EU French MVPs

Khisanth (Pets Battles)
Nathangamer (General, New Players, PvE)
Histoires (General)
Gnii (Community) [Resigned early November, 2007]
Gauric (Community)
Kolstone (Community)
Deulldemo (Community)
Caustik (Community)
Zalki (Community)

EU German MVPs

Baarab (Community)
Karash (Community) (see forum post) [Resigned 30/06/2009]

EU Spanish MVPs

Sherinda (Community)
Padrekarras (Community)
Proenix (Community)

EU Russian MVPs

Andramoris (Customer Service Forum)
Kennit (UI & Macros Forum)

EU Italian MVPs

Ginaphae (Community)
Lyen (Customer Service)
Glaed (Community)
Enterprise (Community)
Matthy (Community)


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