Mother Kashur was the elder shaman of the Frostwolf clan many years before the First War. Though old and decrepit, she vowed to keep walking to Oshu'gun (during the Kosh'harg celebrations) for as long as she could walk. One day, she insisted on joining a clefthoof hunt, only to be fatally trampled before anyone could intervene. Even as the Frostwolf clan mourned her, they celebrated her life and the end that she had chosen; and she was replaced as the clan's elder shaman by her apprentice Drek'Thar.

Mother Kashur's spirit, like all the spirits of the orcish ancestors, was drawn to the sacred mountain of Oshu'gun by the psychic call of the dying naaru K'ure. Kil'jaeden impersonated her to convince Drek'Thar that the Frostwolves should reject the practices of shamanism and study the path of the warlock, though Durotan resisted this idea.

Today, Mother Kashur assists members of the Horde aiding the Mag'har in combating the void creatures that have sprung up around the mountain.

Mother Kashur is known to have had a great black wolf named Dreamwalker as her companion and mount.

She starts the following quests:

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