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For player term mule, see Mule (game term).

Pack Mules

Caravan Mule

One of the best pack animals around, mules are stolid in the face of danger. They are hardy, surefooted, and capable of carrying heavy loads over vast distances. Unlike horses, they are willing (though not eager) to enter dungeons and other strange or threatening places.[1] (WoWRPG 200)

Some examples are Pack Mules, who are located at Odesyus' Landing (in Azuremyst Isle) and in the Eastern Plaguelands, as well as Caravan Mules, who are located in the Eastern Plaguelands.


They are involved in the Eastern Plaguelands quest Writ of Safe Passage.



  • Jenny
  • Johan
  • Ayor <Lang's Companion>
  • Harrison's Mule


  • The size of a mule and work to which it is put depend largely on the breeding of the mule's dam. Mules can be lightweight, medium weight, or even, when produced from draft horse mares, of moderately heavy weight.
  • It has been claimed that mules are "more patient, sure-footed, hardy and long-lived than horses, and they are considered less obstinate, faster, and more intelligent than donkeys.
  • With its short thick head, long ears, thin limbs, small narrow hooves, and short mane, the mule shares characteristics of a donkey. In height and body, shape of neck and rump, uniformity of coat, and teeth, it appears horse-like. The mule comes in all sizes, shapes and conformations.
  • Handlers of working animals generally find mules preferable to horses: mules show more patience under the pressure of heavy weights, and their skin is harder and less sensitive than that of horses, rendering them more capable of resisting sun and rain. Their hooves are harder than horses', and they show a natural resistance to disease and insects.
  • A mule does not sound exactly like a donkey or a horse. Instead, a mule makes a sound that is similar to a donkey's but also has the whinnying characteristics of a horse (often starts with a whinny, ends in a hee-haw). Sometimes, mules whimper.
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