Mushan are giant scaled reptiles with large, webbed back spines and a distinctive under-bite found in large, but shrinking numbers in the Valley of the Four Winds. Apparently they've made Hemet Nesingwary's list of targets.[1] They are very similar to the kodo and are used as beasts of burden by many of the races on the land, including the pandaren. Mushan are distant relatives to the kodo, taking on their own evolutionary line after Pandaria split from the rest of Azeroth.

For years pandaren believed these creatures to be untameable. Just ask the first pandaren to do so, Hemshi "Limp Along" Homebrew.



As a mount

  • The Son of Galleon drops from the world boss  Salyis's Warband in Valley of the Four Winds.
  • [Brawler's Burly Mushan Beast] can be purchased from Paul North or Quackenbush at a cost of 1,500 gold upon reaching rank 8 with the Brawler's Guild.
  • Ashhide Mushan Beast can be purchased from Speaker Gulan on Timeless Isle for a cost of 500 Bloody Coins.
  • The  [Oddly-Shaped Horn], while not an actual mount, has a 100% drop chance off of the Sungraze Behemoths near the border between the Valley of the Four Winds and Jade Forest. Using the item summons an enormous mushan "mount" running unstoppably at 440% speed for 20 seconds. Similarly, the  [Ash-Covered Horn] has a chance to drop from High Priests of Ordos on Timeless Isle, but unlike the Oddly-Shaped Horn it has unlimited charges and can only be used on Timeless Isle.
    • Compare with  [Tuft of Yak Fur] and Bag of Kafa Beans.



MMO Champion



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