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World of Warcraft: Legion This article concerns content exclusive to Legion.

Mythic plus (often referred to as "Mythic+") is a new 5-man (dungeon) instance mode that adds increasing difficulty level from the initial Mythic run based on the activation of a [Mythic Keystone] from the previous level of difficulty. It is similar to an endlessly increasing Challenge Mode.

As of World of Warcraft: Legion Legion assuming you are at level cap, you can use Group Finder and set a dungeon to starting Mythic plus mode to acquire the first [Mythic Keystone].[citation needed] You can solo a Mythic plus dungeon, but you may need at least a 2-person group to start it.[citation needed]

All World of Warcraft: Legion Legion dungeons can be run in this mode except the new World of Warcraft: Legion Violet Hold.

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