Nesingwary Base Camp

The Nesingwary Base Camp is Hemet Nesingwary's new location in Northrend. The base camp is located in western Sholazar Basin, just north of The Seabreach Flow, inside the Path of the Lifewarden, southwest of The Suntouched Pillar and west of the Wildgrowth Mangal.

This is basically where his ship ended up after crashing through the river's entrance from the North Sea, how they mistook that small gap as a main entrance into the area is unknown, but then Nesingwary hasn't had the best of luck arriving to new areas.

It serves as a full-fledged camp with a quest givers, an innkeeper, and a flight path.



Mardan Thunderhoof <Gunsmith> (Repair & Weapon/Ammo Vendor)


Neutral The Spirit of Gnomeregan <Flight Master> spawns after players complete a short quest chain starting with N [76] Need an Engine, Take an Engine.

The Spirit connects to River's Heart, Sholazar Basin and either AllianceFizzcrank Airstrip or HordeBor'gorok Outpost, Borean Tundra.