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Niby the Almighty is a level 56 warlock located in Shatter Scar Vale in Felwood, who is unbelievably vain. Niby refers to people as insects and expects them to bow down to him. He keeps an imp as his minion, named Impsy.

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Niby the Almighty holds a vendetta against the people of Stormwind City, for exiling him. As such, he seeks to summon an especially almighty demon to wreak his revenge. Occasionally, Niby will attempt to summon this demon unaided, resulting in nothing but a mild explosion. Consequently, Impsy criticizes Niby's inexperience, resulting in an short chase between the two. Upon turning in the quest N warlock} [55] Kroshius' Infernal Core, Niby uses a demonic core to attempt another summoning. This time, he succeeds to some extent, producing an over-sized demonic chicken named El Pollo Grande. While Impsy finds this summoning most amusing, Niby is at first surprised, but then regains his composure and assures himself that Stormwind City will see its death from the summoned chicken. El Pollo Grande is aggressive, but it would likely be unsuccessful in any attack against Stormwind City.

Niby is part of the quest chain where warlocks gain their infernal, wherein he does nothing but talk down to the player for their inferior abilities in fel arts while his imp mocks him openly.


Niby the Almighty at Light's Hammer

Icecrown Citadel

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Niby the Almighty can also be found at Light's Hammer within Icecrown Citadel, where he sells the Tier 10 armor to warlocks of the Alliance.

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  • Silence, servant! Vengeance will be mine! Death to Stormwind! Death by chicken!

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