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Norgannon is a male aesir titan. His platinum-skinned body emanates arcane power like a tangible force, making skin prickle and hair stand on end. He wears a long cloak covering his head and a tunic, and has a long beard.

Norgannon is master of the arcane magic, knowledge, secrets and mysteries. In many of the worlds created by the titans, spellcasters revere him as paragon of their spellcrafts, and whisper his name when casting a spell while others beseech his protection against the corruption of the arcane. Azeroth doesn't know anything about him, except for his Watchers of Uldaman, Ulduar, and Uldum.

The titans prefer not to use arcane magic because of its corrupting nature. Aman'Thul the Highfather charged Norgannon with the task of cataloging all spells and magical currents in the universe, including Arcane magic. With the knowledge gathered concerning Arcane magic, the Highfather hopes one day to defeat the Burning Legion and other enemies. Norgannon knows almost everything and is passionless, his face expressionless and rigid. He is the historian of the Titans and holds a massive disc in his hand with sculpted glyphs and recordings, similar to the Discs of Norgannon within Uldaman.

When Azeroth was created, Norgannon granted a portion of his power to the blue dragon Malygos, and tasked to him to be the guardian of magic and hidden arcanum.[1] He also gave Malygos the map to Azeroth's ley lines, known as the Arcanomicon. After defeating Malygos, Alexstrasza's Gift may contain the Mark of Norgannon.

In combat

Against serious opposition, Norgannon gates in additional titans, usually Eonar, Aggramar, and Aman'Thul. He avoids melee, and prefers to cast from a ranged distance flying above and afar. If in jeopardy, he casts mirror image as an illusion and casts AoE (area of effect) while the other titans take care of melee. He can teleport his fellow titans to safety if needed. Polymorph, project image, phase, and many other spells are described in the Warcraft RPG book Shadows & Light.

Long dead?

Novels This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

A tale of Lei Shen suggests the last members of the Pantheon, including Norgannon, have been dead for millenia, killed by Sargeras around the time of the forming of the Burning Legion.[2]


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He may have been based on the Aesir Norse God Bragi, god of poetry and lore, or Mímir, god of Runes and knowledge.

His name may be a reference to Organon, the name given to Aristotle's works of logic.


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