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Objects are parts of the in-game world, represented by graphic models.

Objects are either permanently fixed in place, permanent spawns (such as specific quest objects) or random spawns (such as chests). Spawning objects may disappear after use or death, although they may respawn in the same place later.

Types of objects

  • Landscape objects - large objects like towers, buildings, or city walls that provide environment, essentially becoming part of the terrain
  • Fixed device, or fixed object - neither mobile nor spawned. A device can generally be read or used.
  • Spawned object - not mobile
  • mob, or mobile object - also spawned
  • Location objects - landscape, fixed, or spawned object (possibly mobile as well) that delineate a location of an effect.
  • Lootable object - an object that can be looted and spawns an inventory item
  • NPC, one of the above that is conceptually a character
  • PC, a player character - distinguished from mobs and NPCs by being controlled by a player, not by A.I.
  • Displayable gear - items that appear on the player character graphic model, essentially a modification of the PC object
  • Active Spells and Enchantments

Terrain is a feature of vast scope, not generally classed as an object.

Many objects can be used, selected, or targeted.

Some objects can be picked up and carried by player characters, becoming inventory items.

Objects can be more than one type. The types are property descriptors.


Pointers for reading objects
Pointer read on 32x32.png in range of readable object
Pointer read off 32x32.png out of range of readable object
Pointers for using objects
Pointer gear on 32x32.png in range to use object
Pointer gear off 32x32.png out of range to use object

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