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This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

Of Blood and Honor is a short story by Chris Metzen taking place in the Warcraft universe.

Back-of-book description

The noble Paladin, Tirion Fordring, had always believed the savage Orcs to be vile and corrupt. He had spent his life fighting ceaselessly to protect humanity from their foul treachery. But an unexpected act of honor and compassion sets in motion a chain of events that will challenge Tirion's most fundamental beliefs, and force him to decide once and for all who are the men -- and who are the monsters.

Title explained

The title of the book, "Of Blood and Honor", is directly linked to the enormous sense of honor that the main character, Tirion Fordring, experiences. It comes from the archaic human words: "Esarus thar no'Darador", which translates to "By Blood and Honor We Serve". These words are often found on the cover of religious tomes in the world of Azeroth.


Main characters

Supporting characters

Minor characters

Note: These characters were only mentioned or had little to no role during the story.


Project Audioblizz

Kyle McCarley performed an audiobook rendition of "Of Blood and Honor" for Project Audioblizz, released on August 2, 2010.