Okla is a young orc female who lives with her father, Kranal Fiss, near Grol'dom Farm in the Barrens. She loves nothing more than to collect pretty rocks outside, which she hopes to use to make herself a necklace. She is a friend to Gruk who can be found near Thorn Hill, she finds a sharp rock that Gruk may find useful because he's making a spear. When she grows up, it's possible she will become a Shaman, like her father.


Okla says: Can I go collect more rocks for my necklace, Papa?
Kranal Fiss says: Yes you may, Okla. But do not stray too far from home.
Okla says: Dabu! I will be careful Papa!
Okla says: Ooohh... This rock is nice and colorful. Let's see if I can find more like it...
Okla says: Hmm... That rock is nice, but too small.
Okla says: This is a shiney rock, I'll put it in my bucket. Ok, I just need a few more...
Okla says: I bet my friend Gruk would like this rock for the spear he is making! It's very sharp... I hope he likes it.
Okla says: There... That should be enough rocks to make a necklace. I should probably get home now anyway.

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