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Old Gods' forces
Twilight Citadel.jpg
The Twilight Citadel
Main leadersIconSmall OldGod.gifIconSmall GiantEye.gifC'Thun

IconSmall Yogg-Saron.gifIconSmall Vrykul Female.gifYogg-Saron
Killable IconSmall OldGod.gifN'Zoth
IconSmall Garrosh.gifIconSmall GiantEye.gifY'Shaarj Killable

Presumably other Old Gods
Secondary leadersIconSmall Deathwing.gifIconSmall DeathwingHuman.gif Deathwing

IconSmall Sinestra.gifIconSmall Sintharia.gif Sintharia
IconSmall Cultist Male.gif Twilight Father / Benedictus
IconSmall NagaSeaWitch.gif Queen Azshara
IconSmall Satyr.gif Lord Xavius
Twilight Council

Main racesOld godOld god Old god

IconSmall FacelessGeneral.gifIconSmall FacelessoftheDeep.gifIconSmall FacelessShadoweaver.gifIconSmall Erudax.gifFaceless one Faceless one
Black dragonflightBlack dragonflightBlack dragonflightBlack dragonflightBlack dragonflight Black Flight
Twilight dragonflightTwilight dragonflightTwilight dragonflightTwilight dragonflightTwilight dragonflight Twilight Flight
IconSmall Air.gifIconSmall Fire.gifIconSmall Water.gifIconSmall Earth.gif Elementals
NagaNaga IconSmall NagaLord.gifIconSmall NagaSeaWitch.gif Naga
QirajiQiraji IconSmall QirajiProphet.gifIconSmall QirajiEmperor.gif Qiraji

IconSmall IronDwarf.gifIconSmall IronGiant.gifIconSmall IronVrykul Male.gif Stormforged
Other racesAllianceHorde Races of former members from Alliance and Horde

IconSmall AscendantAir.gifIconSmall AscendantEarth.gifIconSmall AscendantFire.gifIconSmall AscendantWater.gifIconSmall AscendantElementium.gif Ascendants
IconSmall DiscipleofCho'gall.gifOgre mageOgre mageOgreOgreOgre Ogre
IconSmall DruidoftheFlame Male.gifIconSmall DruidoftheFlame Female.gif Druids of the Flame
IconSmall Dragonmaw Male.gifIconSmall Dragonmaw Female.gif Blackrock Orcs
Dark Iron dwarfDark Iron dwarf Dark Iron dwarf
Sand trollSand troll Sand troll
CentaurCentaur Centaur
Unknown race Race (Neferset) unknown
IconSmall Gronn.gifGronn
IconSmall Ettin.gifEttin
IconSmall Arakkoa.gif Arakkoa
IconSmall MercilessOne.gif Merciless one
IconSmall Anubisath.gif Anubisath
IconSmall ObsidianDestroyer.gif Obsidian Destroyer
IconSmall Mechagnome.gif Mechagnome
IconSmall FireGiant.gif Fire giant
IconSmall DireFurbolg.gif Polar Furbolg
Satyr Satyr
IconSmall Murloc Male.gifIconSmall Murloc Female.gif Murloc


Firelands Denizens

Skywall Denizens

Main capitalsTwilight Citadel, Ulduar, Ahn'qiraj, Nazjatar, Rift of Aln
Other major citiesNeferset City, Shadowforge City, Grizzlemaw, Zul'Farrak, Blackrock Spire
Base of operationsTwilight Highlands, Ulduar, Silithus, The Rift, Skywall, Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom, Firelands, Maelstrom, Twilight Realm, Emerald Nightmare, Twilight Caverns, Blackfathom Deeps, Rift of Aln.
Theater of operationsElemental Plane, Twilight Realm, Outland, Emerald Dream and Azeroth.
Main languageFaceless
Secondary languagesNazja, Qiraji, Kalimag, Common, Draconic, Low Common, Orcish, various others
Main factionsOld Gods, Twilight Hammer, Black Dragonflight, Iron Army, Ahn'Qiraj, Nazjatar, Emerald Nightmare
Other MembershipNeferset tribe, Galak, Dark Iron clan, Sandfury tribe, Sethekk, Dark Conclave, Frostpaw tribe, Redfang tribe
Population"Number in the millions" (claimed)[1]

The forces of the Old Gods are a vaguely united "faction" of all the entities and organizations that serve the Old Gods. This page is an attempt to list them. In recent times its members either serve the Old Gods directly, or just ally with Deathwing, to achieve their own objectives with the support of the Old Gods.

Although they suffered a crushing defeat long ago, and the Old Gods along with most of their minions had been imprisoned, the Old Gods' activities on Azeroth have been steadily increasing, culminating in the Cataclysm, when they launched a major offensive in a attempt to expand their influence and eventually reshape Azeroth to their wishes. As the Old Gods are behind most of the plots in Warcraft one way or another, this list of forces under their "control" is expansive.


Major members

Old God's creatures and creations

The old gods have spawned and favoured many creatures throughout the ages for their servitude:

Twilight's Hammer

A cult created out of the now defunct Twilight's Hammer orcish clan, they now enslave the elements around them and give their lives for promises of eternal power.

Black Dragonflight and the Servants of Deathwing

Yogg-Saron's forces

C'thun's forces

Empire of Nazjatar

The Emerald Nightmare

The Firelands minions of Ragnaros

  • Ragnaros, ruler of the Firelands has agreed to ally with Deathwing to burn down the world tree of Nordrassil.[16]
  • The second in command of Ragnaros minions is the Majordomo of the Firelands, formerly this position was occupied by Executus, now it's occupied by the former Archdruid Fandral Staghelm[16]
  • IconSmall Fire.gif Fire elementals are the servants of ragnaros, shaped in various forms.[52][53]
    • IconSmall Flamewaker.gif Flamewakers are living fire elementals.
    • IconSmall RevenantFire.gif Fire Revenants are the main infantry of Ragnaros army.
    • IconSmall Lava.gif Lava elementals are a conglomerate of both fire and earth elementals.
    • IconSmall MoltenGiant.gif Molten giants are the brutal and cunning front-line defenders of Ragnaros' army.
    • IconSmall CoreHound.gif Core hounds are the vicious but faithful servants of Ragnaros and his minions.
    • IconSmall FireHawk.gif Fire hawks are large fiery birds, native to the Firelands.
    • IconSmall HellHound.gif Hell hounds are fiery hounds, native to the Firelands.
    • IconSmall LavaWorm.gif Lava worms are gigantic worms, native to the Firelands.
    • IconSmall Cinderweb.gif Cinderweb brood is a brood of fire spiders, native to the Firelands.
    • Firekin
  • IconSmall DruidoftheFlame Male.gifIconSmall DruidoftheFlame Female.gif Many Night elf druids have betrayed the Cenarion circle in Hyjal, and joined Ragnaros, using his power instead of nature called the Druid of the Flame.

The Skywall minions of Al'akir

Former allies

Organization and former members

Before the coming of the titans, the old gods had control over the elementals and they acted on the battlefield, the same cannot be said in current times when the old gods are still weakened by the titans' attack and imprisonment eons ago, they whisper and corrupt powerful individuals so their armies can help them complete the Hour of Twilight, the mysterious objective of their forces.

The Faceless ones and the forgotten ones directly serve the old gods and the old gods fancy Hydra demigods, like Akumai and Garhzilla has pets.

Silithid led by a Qiraji Prophet


Ahn'Qiraj is a fortress city in southern silithus, and it's the home of the qiraji a race descended from the aqir, that were shaped by C'thun, from the silithid. They first threatened the world with the War of the Shifting Sands, where they were sealed inside their own fortress city.[36]

They tried a new offensive but utterly failed against the Might of Kalimdor, ending with the death of the Twin Emperors, rulers of the qiraji, and with them their master C'thun.[58]

Cho'gall and the Twilight Hammer took over Ahn'Qiraj while he mutated, and tried using C'thun's corpse to corrupt the Med'an the soon-to-be Guardian.[59]

Ulduar's Corruption and the Iron Army

Ulduar is where the old god Yogg-Saron was sealed, but it wasn't strong enough to stop his influence from spreading over the milleniums, corrupting the Prime-designate Loken[27], the other Titanic watchers (Frejya, Hodir, Mimiron and Thorim)[60][61], and other titanic constructs, like giants[31][32].

With control over the Forge of Wills, the corrupted Loken started creating a new army like many other's of the titan's creation's (earthen, giants and vrykul) but made of iron instead of stone and empowered by runes.[62]

However the Explorers League together with the Kirin Tor and the Horde mounted an offensive against Yogg-Saron's forces and managed to kill him and save the corrupted watchers, except for Loken which was killed earlier by heroes in the Halls of Lightning, and with the death of the Prime designate, Algalon the observer came to Azeroth to judge its corruption in order to re-originate it.

Deathwing servants

Neltharion the Earthwarder[17] was corrupted during the War of the Ancients into the service of the Old Gods, and with him his dragonflight, and renamed himself Deathwing. [18]

However he suffered wounds too great in the events of the Day of the Dragon and had to retreat into Deepholm to heal himself[63], beating the stone dragons into submission to serve him[22], in his absence Sintharia his mate, and his two sons Onyxia and Nefarian took over his dragonflight.

Onyxia tried to control Stormwind much like his father tried to control Lordaeron, but was eventually found and killed by Varian in her lair.[7]

Nefarian tried to create a new army, he recruited the many races of the Dark Horde, and stole the eggs of the other dragonflights and created the short lived Chromatic Dragonflight, among other experiments, he was killed by heroes.[64][65]

Sintharia travelled to Outland to recruit the Fel Horde, [66] and experimented with egg of the Nether dragonflight to create the most powerful dragons in Azeroth: the Twilight dragons, however she was killed by her own creation Dargonax.[21]

With the Cataclysm, Deathwing and his flight returned and resurrected Sinestra and Nefarian as undead, the latter which resurrected his sister onyxia, reinforced by Sinestra creation the Twilight Dragonflight, they allied with the elemental lords, Ragnaros of the Firelands, and Al'akir of the Skywall, and together with the Twilight Hammer they work to bring the Hour of Twilight.[16]

Emerald Nightmare

The emerald nightmare is a infection of corruption in the emerald dream, a realm designed as the titans plans for Azeroth, sparked by the Old God N'Zoth[51]. It turns makes sleeping people into "Unwaking" and turned some of Ysera's noble brood into shadows of their former selves.[50]

It's led by the Nightmare Lord Xavius, the first satyr, but was beaten back to the Rift of Aln by Malfurion. however the Nightmare still influences Azeroth, as shown by the regrowth in Southern Barrens during the Cataclysm.[50]

Twilight Hammer Cult

The Twilight Hammer Cult is a former orcish clan off the planet Draenor that has turned into a destructive cult hell-bent of reshaping the world of Azeroth. Originally based in Sithilus in the mist of the cataclysm they have been found to recruit member of both the Alliance and The Horde with doomsayers claiming the destruction of the world itself and promising its members glory and power. Other then the Horde and Alliance they have influenced weaker or desperate factions, including the almost extinct sand trolls and the rebellious dark iron dwarves, led by Cho'gall and the Twilight Council, they attempt to claim the Twilight Highlands for the Old Gods who they believe the world's true masters, and eventually all of Azeroth itself.[67] More recently with the fall of Cho'gall at the hands of Azeroth's champions Archbishop Benedictus now dubbing himself the "Twilight Father" has risen to guide the remains of the cult.

Empire of Nazjatar

In the end of the war of the ancients, after the shattering happened, queen azshara and the highborne tried their best to keep the waters at bay, but struck a pact with a mysterious power that turned them into the reptile Naga.[68]

Now as underwater inhabitants in a sunken city they worked their way into shaping a underwater empire, enslaving many aquatic races like murlocs, and taming many beasts like tube wyrms, coualt, dragon turles and snap dragons, with Azshara leading them and against beings like Leviroth and the Kvaldir[69].

In recent times they have begun invading land, controlling the echo isles for a short while[70], and some supported Illidan in the outlands before his death in the hands of Akama and Maiev[71].

In the Cataclysm they have begun a campaign in Vash'jir against the elemental lord of water, Neptulon and his servants in a attempt to obtain his trident that controls the seas, and his realm the Abyssal maws[72].

Elemental Planes

In ages past, the Old Gods controlled the elementals through their lieutenants, the elemental lords. However, the lieutenants were defeated by the Titans, and then imprisoned within the Elemental Planes.[73]

Nowadays, the Old Gods have little control over the elementals. Only Al'akir and Ragnaros allied with Deathwing, the Old Gods' tool, while Therazane and Neptulon directly oppose them.[16]

Skywall and Al'akir

Free from the imprisonment of the Skywall, Al'akir and his air elementals quickly joined forces with Deathwing in a attempt to obtain the re-origination device the titans left in Uldum. To fight the Tol'vir, his ancient enemies, he called the support of the Conclave of the Winds and Skywall's many denizens.[74]

Firelands and Ragnaros

Ragnaros allied with Deathwing when he was promised to burn Azeroth together with his minions, without Therazane or Neptulon interference, he decided to start with the world tree of Nordrassil with the support of the Twilight Hammer[16], prompting the druids of the Cenarion Circle and the Ancient Guardians to oppose him, he was beaten back to the Firelands by Cenarius, Hamuul and Malfurion[75], and after some days of preparations, the druids are prepared to invade the Firelands and kill Ragnaros forever.[76]

Deepholm and Therazane

Therazane however hasn't liked the old gods plans for Deepholm her prison, after Deathwing broke the world pillar, endangering her plane and azeroth [77], and a invasion by the twilight hammer[78], she and her kin made a temporary alliance with the earthen ring to solve those problems[79], that the old gods indirectly caused.

After the pillar is rebuilt she requests the Hero for help her rebuild Deepholm, damaged by the old gods' forces.[80]

Abyssal Maw and Neptulon

Neptulon was attacked by the naga backed by the old god's faceless ones, in a attempt to conquer his realm, and after a confrontation with Lady Nazjar and Ozumat he was beaten back to the Abyssal Maw, the heroes attempted to rescue him[81], but ultimately failed as Neptulon was quickly taken away by Ozumat.[82]

Beyond Azeroth

More old gods exist beyond the five of azeroth, but it takes significant power to summon them[42] and their influence can be seen mostly in Outland.

The Sethekk and the Dark Conclave Arakkoa serve a mysterious master, and the latter group, magically augmented by Gul'dan's curse, attempt to summon their master, which they call it a ancient and powerful evil. He looks similar to C'thun, another old god, and when the hidden mob name is revealed, he's called a Summoned Old God.[42]

The Black Blood of Draenor are oozes and the oozes of azeroth have been various times associated with the old gods, and it's very similar in name to Black Blood of Yogg-Saron, a ore made from the blood of the Old god Yogg-Saron.[83]

Harbinger Skyriss is a servant of the old gods, a qiraji prophet much like Prophet Skeram of Ahn'qiraj, is imprisoned in the Arcatraz of Tempest Keep. According to A'dal, he seeks to usher his masters' vision of conquering all of the worlds in the universe. [84]

Notable leaders

Known Old Gods

Secondary leaders

History Faction Shaping of Azeroth War of the Ancients War of the Shifting Sands Opening of the Dark Portal Battle of Grim Batol World of Warcraft War against the Lich King Cataclysm
Ruler Twilight Hammer Cho'gall Twilight Father
Deathwing's Forces Deathwing Nefarian
Sintharia Deathwing
Ahn'Qiraj Twin Emperors
Ulduar Loken
Assembly of Iron
Nazjatar Azshara


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It can be argued that the Old Gods' prisons are the capitals of their forces. They are:


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