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"On Scholomance" is a book found in the Scarlet Enclave.

[47.8, 32.5]



On Scholomance

I have earned the chapter's favor at last and been granted entry to the Scholomance! Today my final ascent into glorious undeath begins!

Things within the Scholomance are far more rustic than I'd expected. Piles of research materials are strewn in awkward piles, some sealed together with wax dripped from the odd untended candle. Constructs, spirits, and demons roam the halls untended. I must say that I expected more from such practiced necromancers as these!

Today a troupe of brigands broke into the school and began slashing their way through to the crypts. As they cut down a study group in the foyer, the nearby students continued their practices, oblivious! The forces within that hall would overwhelm a small army, yet they yielded piece-meal. Fools!

As I read with Darkmaster Gandling today, invaders broke through the viewing room doors and reached the crypts! The crazy sod hid behind a bookcase, giggling, as he watched them slay each of the school's administrators within the crypts! Then, he burst forth, shouting "School is in session!" Is he off his rocker? I'm recommending myself for transfer to Stratholme!

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