The Oona tribe, also known as Oona Hozen, is a tribe of hozen pirates that roam the seas and cause destruction in their wake. The Oona land their boats on fertile soil, pillage the local villages, and drain the land dry before moving on to their next conquest. Currently they are found in northeastern Jade Forest in the Oona Kagu cave, where they have been stealing things from the Sri-La Village.

Known members

Name Role Status Location
Combat IconSmall Hozen.gif Lord Oona <Terror of the Seas> Captain Killable Oona Kagu, Jade Forest


  • Combat IconSmall Hozen.gif Oona Brewchugger
  • Combat IconSmall Hozen.gif Oona Goon
  • Combat IconSmall Hozen.gif Oona Tuna-Catcher

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