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The Order of the Cloud Serpent is a pandaren faction that has sworn to defend the Jade Forest. They train at the Arboretum

[58, 45]

, just north of the Temple of the Jade Serpent.

Adventurers working with the faction strive to become a serpent rider, raising a baby serpent from an egg. Training it every day, they work with it until it becomes an adult. Once they have proven themselves, they will be free to wander the land with their serpent as their flying mount. They will also earn the Cloud Serpent Riding Skill, allowing them to ride any of the Cloud Serpent mounts from Pandaria.

A Cloud Serpent

The Order of the Cloud Serpent quartermaster is San Redscale <Serpent Keeper>, found within the Arboretum.

Order of the Cloud Serpent

Ways to Gain Reputation

  • Farming Onyx Eggs.
  • Farming Quivering Firestorm Eggs.
  • Doing dailies that relate to Order of the Cloud Serpent.
  • Running scenarios and heroic dungeon using Order of the Cloud Serpent as Bonus Reputation.

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