Orebor Harborage

Orebor Harborage is an Alliance-affiliated town in northern Zangarmarsh. It is comprised mostly of Kurenai, a faction of Broken who seek to reestablish their ties with the uncorrupted draenei. Orebor has a flight path and vendors selling armor and cooking supplies, as well as various NPCs who offer quests, mainly for gaining reputation with the Kurenai. The town also allows access to the Blade's Edge Mountains to the north.

For some unknown reason, Orebor Harborage has a large Hippogryph at the Flight Path unlike those at other Draenei/Night Elf settlements.

Travel Connections


Alliance Telredor
Alliance Sylvanaar

Orebor Harborage NPCs



Orebor Harborage is possibly named after Örebro in southern Sweden. This city has a very large mushroom shaped landmark, nicknamed Svampen (image).

Given the similarity of the names, it is also possible that Orebor Harborage may have been named after the mountain, Erebor, in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit".