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Overlord Mok'Morokk is a level 45 quest giver located in Brackenwall Village in the contested territory of Dustwallow Marsh. He was appointed leader of the Stonemauls by Rexxar. Mok'Morokk displayed strength when Rexxar was their leader, but soon after Rexxar's departure, Mok'Morokk fell prey to temptations of power. Rather than lead, he demanded. He did not serve his people but rather expected them to serve him.

Mok’Morokk led the clan to Brackenwall Village, where he ruled unquestioned until an unknown challenger drove him out, or killed him (no one knows his fate). While Draz'Zilb runs the show from the shadows, the clan seeks a new leader; but they have renewed their ties to the Horde. The aging Tharg is the most likely candidate for leadership of the clan, but most of the Stonemaul ogres secretly desire Rexxar’s return.[1] (HPG 156, 157)

He starts the following quests:

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Preceded by:
Chieftain of the Stonemaul clan
Succeeded by:
Tharg (Presumed)
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