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Overseer Kraggosh is a member of the Kor'kron guard and was sent as part of the force that has to watch over the Undercity. Overseer Kraggosh's personal task seems to be ensuring no more Legion aligned abominations crawl out of the Apothecarium.


  • This pit stinks and I'm surrounded by snakes, but I'm here to do a job. Ever since Putress pulled his stunt at the Wrath Gate, the Warchief doesn’t trust these people as far as he can throw them. That's why we’re here. The Apothecaries can’t do a thing without me.
Conversation with Faranell
Overseer Kraggosh says: I've got my eye on you, Faranell.
Overseer Kraggosh says: No abominations protecting you. No secrecy. No plotting in the dark.
Overseer Kraggosh says: If you so much as spit without my permission, this place shuts down. Forcefully.
Master Apothecary Faranell says: I assure you, overseer, the Royal Apothecary Society dearly wishes to make up for the tragic misguidance which ended so many lives.
Master Apothecary Faranell says: We will cause you no trouble. We seek only to continue our research in peace.
Overseer Kraggosh says: We’ll see about that.
A human female trapped in a cage in the nearby room continues to sob.
Overseer Kraggosh says: Get that rotten nut to shut his trap!
Kor'kron Overseer says: Shut your face, you gibbering idiot!

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