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Tales of the monstrous kraken that terrorize Azeroth's high seas were once relegated to myth... but no longer. By some ill means, the naga have bent Ozumat - the patriarch of all kraken - to their will and unleashed him against Neptulon and his followers.[1]

Ozumat is the final boss in the Throne of the Tides instance. He is encountered within the Coral Garden

[31.8, 18]

and summons a variety of minions to aid him in his fight against those that would destroy him.

Tactics summary

  • Phase 1: Kill the adds as they spawn. Move to avoid the Unyielding Behemoth's Shadow Blast.
  • Phase 2: Kill the Faceless Sappers. Avoid the inky voids that Ozumat casts. Tank should kite the Blight Beasts around in a circle until the phase ends. DPS should burn down the Sappers quickly, as they will kill Neptulon and reset the encounter otherwise; mark for kill order
  • Phase 3: Kill off any remaining Blight Beasts and burn Ozumat down before the DOT kills everyone. Healer should use AE heals since all of Ozumat's damage is AE. Pets can melee Ozumat but will be out of player LOS when they do, preventing use of abilities like Kill Command.
  • Phase 1: Same.
  • Phase 2: Same. Be more careful about where the Blight Beasts go, since they have an aura that inflicts a stacking DOT on any who get near.
  • Phase 3: Same.

Criteria of


The encounter has 3 phases. During the entire encounter, Neptulon (who is friendly to players) stands in the middle of the room. If Neptulon is killed at any point during the encounter, the encounter resets. Ozumat does not appear until phase 2 of the encounter, and you do not fight him directly until phase 3.

The encounter begins when a player talks to Neptulon and selects the only conversation option.

Phase 1

  • Deep Murloc Invaders, Vicious Mindlashers and an Unyielding Behemoth will spawn. Kill any Mindlashers first, then the Behemoth. If you are attempting to complete Money achievement.png Prince of Tides, then be sure to keep the Behemoth alive until phase three. The murlocs are very weak, easily AE'd even on Heroic. Avoid Behemoth smash.
  • Phase ends automatically after some time has passed.

Phase 2

  • Three Faceless Sappers spawn around the edge of the room; phase ends when they're all dead. They do nothing but channel an ability on Neptulon.
  • Blight Beasts periodically spawn; these foes have a damage aura on heroic, so a tank may want to kite them away from damage dealers and healers.
  • Ozumat casts inky void zones on the floor that apply a stacking shadow damage debuff; everyone needs to stay out of them.
  • Tanks can concentrate on the blight beasts while DPS handles sappers. If the sappers are alive too long Neptulon dies and the encounter resets.

Phase 3

Neptulon hugely buffs the players:

  • Spell nature giftofthewaterspirit.png  [Tidal Surge]ω ϖ—Grants immense power to surrounding allies, increasing their health, damage and healing. Health increased by 500%. Healing increased by 500%. Damage increased by 2000%.
  • Once this buff is in effect, players should be able to easily kill all the Blight Beasts in mere seconds, even on Heroic.

Kill Ozumat (he's outside the room, attached to the outer wall) before his AoE kills you all. Use AE heals only in this phase, as Ozumat's only damage is his AE:

  • Ability rogue envelopingshadows.png  [Blight of Ozumat]ω ϖ Unlimited yd range—Sprays the entire room full of blight, dealing 200 Shadow damage per second to all enemies. Stacks up to 200 times.
  • Once Ozumat is defeated, he flees, taking Neptulon with him. Neptulon's treasure hoard appears, completing the encounter.


Retrieved from Neptulon's Cache.

Normal mode
Name Type Slot
[Abalone Plate Armor] Plate Chest
[Bioluminescent Lamp] Frill Held In Off-Hand
[Might of the Ocean] Trinket Trinket
[Mnemiopsis Gloves] Cloth Hands
[Nautilus Ring] Ring Finger
[Pipefish Cord] Amulet Neck
[Sea Star] Trinket Trinket
[Triton Legplates] Plate Legs
[Wentletrap Vest] Mail Chest
[Whitefin Axe] Axe Two-Hand
Heroic mode
Name Type Slot
[Abalone Plate Armor (heroic)] Plate Chest
[Bioluminescent Lamp (heroic)] Frill Held In Off-Hand
[Might of the Ocean (heroic)] Trinket Trinket
[Mnemiopsis Gloves (heroic)] Cloth Hands
[Nautilus Ring (heroic)] Ring Finger
[Pipefish Cord (heroic)] Amulet Neck
[Sea Star (heroic)] Trinket Trinket
[Triton Legplates (heroic)] Plate Legs
[Wentletrap Vest (heroic)] Mail Chest
[Whitefin Axe (heroic)] Axe Two-Hand


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