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Paladins are warriors whose purpose is to defend the war-torn populace of Lordaeron.[1] They are a branch of the Church of the Holy Light.[2] The Archbishop Alonsus Faol made sure that the Clerics of Northshire, who suffered such a terrible attrition in the First War, were prepared for the dangers of combat.[1] He choose the Clerics of Northshire and the Knights with the greatest virtue among the knighthood of Lordaeron and trained them in ways of magic and combat.[1] Their leader is the former knight, Uther Lightbringer[1][3]; now it rests upon him, Turalyon, Saidan, Tirion and the rest of the Paladins to heal the wounds sustained in combat and to restore the faith in the battle against the Orcish tyranny.[1] One of these paladins, Turalyon, became a lieutenant of Lothar and the second in command of the Alliance of Lordaeron.[3][4]

In Warcraft II Paladins were upgraded from knights which required a castle and a church. After the knights were upgraded to paladins their eyes began to glow and their voices started to echo with the power of the Holy Light.

Statistics of Paladins from Warcraft II

Paladins were effective against death knights in Warcraft II.
  • Abilities
    • Heal Costs 6 MP per HP Point healed - Heals a targeted friendly, organic unit. (not usable on caster)
    • Holy Vision Costs 70 MP - Removes Fog of War and allows vision anywhere on the map for 3 seconds.
    • Exorcism Costs 4 MP per HP Point damaged - Deals damage to a targeted undead unit.

Holy vision was an ability that the paladins start off with; Heal and Exorcism however, needed to be researched at the church.

Paladins had three abilities in Warcraft II.

Knights were made paladins at churches in Warcraft II.


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