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This article is about the playable pandaren. For general history of the race, see Pandaren. For the language, see Pandaren language.
Couched in myth and legend, rarely seen and even more rarely understood, the enigmatic pandaren have long been a mystery to the other races of Azeroth. The noble history of the pandaren people stretches back thousands of years, well before the empires of man and before even the sundering of the world.
- Blizzard intro

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The World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria introduced a new race, the Pandaren. Pandaren are the first "neutral" race in World of Warcraft. After completing a series of quests, you can decide whether to join the Horde or Alliance.

Alliance PandarenHorde Pandaren

Denizens of a wondrous and fertile land, the pandaren once labored under the oppressive thumb of a monstrous race of ancient warlords known as the mogu. Through tenacity, diplomacy, and a unique form of unarmed combat, the pandaren staged a successful revolution that deposed the mogu and established a pandaren empire that would prosper for thousands of years.

Honorable and filled with a love of good company, good food -- and every now and then, a good friendly brawl -- the pandaren have been content to live in seclusion, allowing their culture to flourish and thrive away from the influence of the outside world. However, every now and then, a pandaren is born with a thirst for adventure that rivals his or her thirst for a strong drink, and he or she strikes out to explore beyond Pandaria’s shores. One of the most famous such wanderers was the brewmaster Chen Stormstout, who set out looking for exotic ingredients for his special ale and wound up an integral part of the founding of the Horde.

During the bleak days that preceded the sundering of the world, when demons flooded onto Azeroth and threw the entirety of the mortal realm into jeopardy, the last Emperor of the pandaren discovered a way to protect his land from the devastation. His deal with fate shrouded his land within an impenetrable mist for ten thousand years, but the nature of his transaction has left Pandaria haunted ever since...[1]

New character

New character cut-scene intro voice-over (during the fly-thru):[2]

You are a pandaren. Born and raised on the mysterious Wandering Isle. While many of your fellow pandaren prefer a tranquil life, the lure of adventure burns in your blood.
Recently, the Wandering Isle has begun erratically weaving about the world's oceans. The air grows cold and your island home is spiraling towards disaster...
As one of the most promising of students at Master Shang's monastery, you may just be the salvation for your people. But first, you must complete your training...


Starting info

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Starting attributes

Questionmark-medium.png This section concerns content that is potentially inaccurate. Reason: Possibly outdated since World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Warlords of Draenor.
Base Hunter Hunter Mage Mage Monk Monk Priest Priest Rogue Rogue Shaman Shaman Warrior Warrior
Strength 20 20 20 21 20 21 21 23
Agility 18 21 18 19 18 21 18 18
Stamina 21 22 21 22 21 22 22 23
Intellect 19 19 22 21 21 19 20 19
Spirit 22 23 24 22 25 22 24 22

Racial abilities and traits

Racial traits
Ability racial epicurean.png [Epicurean] Your love of food allows you to receive double the stats from Well Fed effects.
Ability racial gourmand.png [Gourmand] Your Cooking skill is increased by 15.
Ability racial innerpeace.png [Inner Peace] Your rested experience bonus lasts twice as long as normal.
Ability racial bouncy.png [Bouncy] You take half falling damage.
Ability racial quiveringpain.png [Quaking Palm] Strikes the target with lightning speed, incapacitating them for 4 sec, and turns off your attack.

In Legion

World of Warcraft: Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

Beginning with World of Warcraft: Legion Legion, Pandaren players are able to communicate ('Pandaren') cross-faction.[3]

Choose your faction

All pandaren players start as Neutral Neutral at the starting zone of the Wandering Isle.

At around level 10, after completing a starting zone quest chain, players will encounter the quest N [12] A New Fate where they must choose to join either the Alliance Pandaren Alliance or the Horde Pandaren Horde.

Alliance Pandaren Alliance

The leader of this group of pandaren is Alliance Aysa Cloudsinger and she will instruct you in the way of Tushui through meditation, rigorous training, and moral conviction.

Horde Pandaren Horde

The leader of this group of pandaren is Horde Ji Firepaw and he will drive you in the outgoing, passionate way of Huojin, believing inaction is the greatest injustice.


The pandaren racial ground mount was confirmed to be a dragon turtle on May 23, 2012 via an official blog.[4] The flying mount was not confirmed, but was presumed pre-launch to be a [Pandaren Kite].

Mount speculation

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • Blizzplanet speculated that a new goat-like creature called the shaghorn might be the new pandaren mount.[5]
  • The appearance of a large yak in a preview images[6][7] and confirmation via twitter by Blizzard Entertainment Bashiok[8] that this would be a mount in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Mists of Pandaria has led some to believe this will be the Pandaren racial mount. Unfortunately, they were confirmed by blue post to not be the pandaren racial mount.[9]


  • The Male Pandaren dance is LMFAO- Party Rock Anthem and the Female Pandaren dance is Caramelldansen.[citation needed]
  • You can't befriend or mail a Pandaren character until after they have chosen a faction.[10]
  • The pandaren were originally intended to be the Alliance race for the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion, but it was felt that the draenei were a better fit for the storyline.[11]
  • As of early 2012, there was a rumor that the actor Jack Black was signed on to perform the voice of the male Pandaren[citation needed] (he is known for his role as Po in the animated movie, Kung Fu Panda), but that was already ruled out by Chris Metzen at BlizzCon 2011.[12]





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